RONDO, the new map prepared for PUBG, is coming on December 6

RONDO the new map prepared for PUBG is coming on

PUBG New map prepared for RONDO, According to the official announcement made today, it is officially coming on December 6th.

The official statement made by PUBG on this subject was as follows:RONDO, also known as The Ground of Honor, is a large 8×8 map and the map with the largest playable area in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Players can experience RONDO with the 27.1 update, which will arrive on desktop computers on December 6th and consoles on December 14th. RONDO’s different areas are a seamless blend of traditional charm and contemporary visuals. While players encounter new environments such as lakes and bamboo groves in the southwest of the map, the slopes lying in the northeast offer a different gameplay ambiance. Surrounded by lakes and forests, Yu Lin has a beauty that bears the traces of the past. Located in a traditional residential area, Tin Long Garden consists of waterfalls and rocky mountains that blend splendor with nature. Exciting battles in the water await you in Mey Ran, where buildings and rivers come together.


In addition to this traditional texture, there is also a modern city on the map. Jadena City will host intense city clashes with its towering skyscrapers and vibrant neon signs. NEOX Factory promises players unique battle scenarios, including the vehicle test track and the factory area where Blanc, a NEOX vehicle, is located. Additionally, visually different areas such as Rin Jiang, Jao Tin and Stadium are waiting to be discovered in this region.

RONDO also has its own new elements. Destructible bamboo placed strategically throughout the map can be smashed by players using throwable objects or vehicles; This adds another tactical layer to the game. RONDO also has private transportation options to the city.

The Intermediate Escalator in Jadena City allows players to quickly move between buildings. Also new is a new weapon designed specifically for this map – the JS9, a 9mm light machine gun (HMS) with relatively low recoil and the option to switch to automatic fire mode. “This makes it a preferred choice for the map.”