Roger Rönnberg’s stunning response to the TV profile – which makes the whole of hockey Sweden laugh: “Haha, world class!”

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

You just have to love Roger Rönnberg in TV interviews.
The Frölunda trainer offers here a completely beautiful answer to C More.
– Nice that you were able to come to the end, says Rönnberg with a laugh.

The regular season is finished in the SHL and now it’s time to start chasing the coveted SC gold. For Frölunda, there was a 0-2 loss against Färjestad in the last round on Thursday evening, but it was still enough to finish sixth.

Frölunda fell

The Gothenburgers clinched the last place in the quarter-finals and there now awaits a hot rival meeting against Färjestad again. In connection with the last series match at Scandinavium also took Joel Lundqvist farewell to his very last SHL game in his career.

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Frölunda coach Roger Rönnberg is interviewed by C More after the match. PHOTO: Instagram

Another talking point was also that the C More commentator Patrick Westberg arrived late for the start of the match due to the massive snowfall in Sweden. The Frölunda coach didn’t think so Roger Rönnberg release in the first instance and took the opportunity with a clear shift to the television profile in the broadcast.

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Rönnberg’s answer

After the first period, Rönnberg was asked questions about the match and then took his chance to heckle Westberg.
– The first thing I think about is how a grown man like you can’t have winter tires on the car and be on time for work, says Rönnberg in the TV broadcast, see the clip below.
– Haha, yes, but it’s fun to be here, Westberg replies and isn’t too eager to talk more about it.

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230223 C more Patrik Westberg and Niklas Wikegård during the ice hockey match in the SHL between Leksand and Färjestad on February 23, 2023 in Leksand. Photo: Daniel Eriksson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 173 / DE0154

But Rönnberg would like to take it even further.
– Nice that you were able to make it to the end, then says the Frölunda coach.
– Then we thank you for it, I can announce that it was the Polish trucks that had questionable tires, explains Westberg about why he was late for the match.

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An excuse that Roger Rönnberg does not buy at all, see the full video below.
– Now it’s like this Patrik, teenagers can have excuses but not grown men, he says to the C More profile.
– Well, I apologize for arriving late.

Rönnberg’s clever answer to Westberg has made the whole of hockey Sweden laugh and many are now praising the Frölunda coach with words like “world class” in social media.
“Roger is great fun to listen to,” writes one user on Instagram.
“Roger Rönnberg must be the funniest coach in a very long time hahaha,” writes another.
“Roger Rönnberg is the SHL’s nicest coach but in the wrong team,” writes a third.

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