Robot Lidl: release date, price, new options … All the info

Robot Lidl release date price new options All the info

LIDL KITCHEN ROBOT. Monsieur Cuisine Smart is expected on the shelves on December 6. Lidl promises an improved and more connected version of its robot, what are the new features of the device? His price ? We tell you everything.

[Mis à jour le 29 novembre 2021 à 14h36] Monsieur Cuisine Smart will be proudly on Lidl shelves from December 6, for sale just before the holidays. The German brand is still waiting for the end of the year to release its new products and it is certainly no coincidence. She also does not fail to paint a glowing portrait of the new version of her kitchen robot and specifies that the device arrives with ten new features. While the Monsieur Cuisine Connect was capable of almost everything, the Smart version of the robot can also ferment or simmer food, prepare smoothies, cook eggs or even boil water. The device is also more connected than its predecessor and presents a redesigned application with some improvements such as the possibility of following a video recipe on the 8-inch screen of the robot so as not to miss any dish. Incidentally, it can also help with the preparation of a shopping list or weekly meal planning.

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart is close to becoming the equivalent of multifunction kitchen machines such as the famous Thermomix from Vorwerk or the Companion from Moulinex. In addition to almost similar capabilities, Lidl’s Silvercrest robot has another big plus: its price. The Monsieur Cuisine is once again much less expensive than its rivals with a price three to five times lower, despite a slight increase. Find details of the new features of the device, its price, where to buy it and everything you need to know about Lidl’s state-of-the-art food processor.

Everyone was impatient to know the release date of the new connected robot Silver Crest, but also and especially its price. The purchase price is one of the main selling points of Monsieur Cuisine because for capacities equivalent or almost equivalent to the famous Thermomix, the robot signed Lidl is sold between three and five times cheaper. However, one point should be noted about this new model: a slight increase in the price. The Monsieur Cuisine Smart will be priced at € 399, compared to € 359 for all previous models. The additional forty euros can be explained by the addition of several features both on the cooking methods and on the use of the appliance, and despite this increase, the SilverCrest robot remains much more attractive than its eternal rival sold by Vorwerk. The release of Lidl’s new food processor represents a rare opportunity for kitchen enthusiasts to equip themselves with a multifunctional cooking appliance at a low price.

The veil has finally been lifted, the new Monsieur Cuisine robot will appear on Lidl shelves on Monday, December 6. Each year, the brand waits between the end of November and the beginning of December to take out its food processor, that is to say just before the visit of Santa Claus. It will therefore be possible to find the Monsieur Cuisine Smart at the foot of the tree. If we now know the date of sale, it is impossible to know for how long the product will be available because the household appliance is a limited edition.

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot will be marketed only in the brand’s stores, i.e. in more than 1,500 points of sale. However, it will be necessary to act quickly to equip the new connected robot because the brand has announced a limited stock of 180,000 devices. When the previous models were released, it only took a few weeks for all the robots to be used up. As for models from previous ranges, it is only possible to find second-hand devices on sites like Leboncoin or Rakuten.

If the multifunction robot Monsieur Cuisine Connect did everything, tell yourself that the Smart version is even more complete. The new robot model can ferment food, simmer it with “Slow Cooking”, cook eggs, heat water, prepare smoothies and cook sous vide, in addition to the features that its predecessor had. The robot even gained in power with its 1000 W and reduced the difference with the 1500 W of the Thermomix. Always connected, because you have to keep up with the times, the application integrated into the robot has also broadened the range of its functions. In addition to providing access to hundreds and hundreds of recipes, Monsieur Cuisine can now help create shopping lists, make personalized recipe suggestions, improve filtering criteria and it is also possible to plan weekly planning. , all on an 8-inch screen. This enlarged screen now makes it possible to follow video recipes so as not to miss any small dish.

These features are in addition to the capabilities presented by the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, understand that the 10 speeds, the turbo, the option of setting the temperatures, the timer, the Cooking-Pilot and all the rest are also found in the new robot. connected SilverCrest. As for the accessories, the integrated scale, the knife, the mixer, the internal cooking basket, the external steam basket and the spatula still answer the call.

Where can I find the recipes for the Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot?

Like the Monsieur Cuisine Connect before it, the Smart robot model is equipped with the Cooking-Pilot, a catalog of more than 600 preloaded recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions. In addition to what, the wifi function of the device makes it possible to receive about fifteen new recipes free of charge every month. If despite this, you find that you have been around and are looking for creativity, recipe books are entirely dedicated to Monsieur Cuisine.

Will there be a microphone in the Monsieur Cuisine Smart?

Monsieur Cuisine Connect had been the victim for a while of a bad advertisement after customers noticed the presence of a microphone in the household appliance, a microphone which was not mentioned at all in the instructions. Asked about this controversial point by the media, the brand had justified trying to integrate a voice control system into the robot. After the company changed its mind for technical reasons, Lidl’s purchasing manager told the Digital in June 2019: “However, we have decided to leave the speaker and the microphone in order to be able to activate voice control in a future version via an update”. The new version of the robot is finally available and the advertising spot for Monsieur Cuisine Smart suggests that voice control is a new option of the device. However, it is a fact confirmed by the sign, the robot is not equipped with any microphone, so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past perhaps. The Google Assistant highlighted in the short video unveiled on November 14 can actually be connected to the robot but on one condition: “It is necessary to have a Google Home to make the communication interface with the Mr. Connect Smart”, according to the explanations given by the sign to Numerama.

Lidl’s latest multi-cooker robot was released on September 30, 2021, after a first version sold in October 2020. The SilverCrest kitchen appliance allows you to cook all your food quickly, easily and efficiently. Thanks to the high and low pressure levels, essential nutrients are preserved. It has a stainless steel tank of more than 5 liters which allows you to simmer good meals at home for the whole family.

This new Silvercrest nugget offers no less than 12 preset cooking functions to cook your food easily:

  • Quick cooking;
  • Steam cooking ;
  • Cooking rice;
  • Soft cooking;
  • Blow ;
  • Make come back ;
  • Keep warm;
  • Make yogurts;
  • Etc.

Very easy to use, you can no longer miss cooking your dishes. The programs are saved in the appliance, you just have to prepare the ingredients and start the chosen cooking mode. You can even prepare your recipe in advance thanks to the timer function which allows delayed cooking of the dish.

Once again, Lidl brings out a food processor to a unbeatable price. The multi-cooker device is sold in the brand’s stores priced at 64.99 euros, in the limit of the available stock. Many accessories are included with the robot, including the steam basket with handles, a measuring cup, or even tablespoons and rice. Little extra: a cookbook is included with the robot, perfect for giving you ideas for dishes to cook. Thanks to this robot with 12 cooking modes, you no longer need to burden yourself with a steamer, a yoghurt maker, a rice cooker… A single appliance is enough for you. Enough to save both money and space in the kitchen!

You don’t know which appliance to choose between the famous Monsieur Cuisine Smart and the latest Silvercrest food processor, both marketed by Lidl? Here is something to help you. Unlike the new cooking robot, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart is not a simple appliance for cooking everything, it goes further and does everything! Thanks to it, you can weigh your foods, cut them, chop them, knead them, emulsify them, ferment them or even mix them in addition to cooking them. It is also a connected kitchen robot, a feature that the latest Silvercrest sold by Lidl does not yet offer. Another big difference, the price: the famous Monsieur Cuisine Smart is sold at a price of 399 euros against 64.99 euros for the multi-cooker robot, or more than 300 euros less.