Robot dogs will keep Alaskan airstrips clear of animals

Robot dogs will keep Alaskan airstrips clear of animals

As far as we learned today, robot dogs kept the airstrips away from animals in Alaska. handle.

located in Alaska Fairbanks International Airport This step taken by was really interesting. As far as it is stated, directly in the process Boston Dynamics signed Spot will be used, thus various animals will be kept away from the airstrips. The robot called “Aurora” will undertake an important task in this regard and increase security. The use of robot dogs, which have been reported to have been tested for a while, may serve as an example for other airport companies in the future. On the robot dog front, there was a model signed by Lenovo that made a splash before. Specifically “Lenovo Daystar Bot GSThe robot called ” It drew attention especially because it was built on six legs rather than four.. While almost every robot dog, especially Spot by Boston Dynamics, has four legs, it is considered strange that Lenovo uses six legs in its own robot, but it is reported that this way the robot is much more stable and can move better than its counterparts in difficult terrains.


Daystar Bot GS, which is not affected by rain and can even be fitted with a robotic arm if necessary, carries a LiDAR and many sensors and cameras, like its competitors. The 2024 IF design award-winning robot, which can collect a lot of data from its environment using these, is still in the development phase, as far as it is reported, and especially Focuses on the industrial side like Spot. There’s no date yet, but this robot could one day be available and could take over monotonous inspection jobs on factory floors or ensure the security of designated areas.