Robin Hull, who is trying to return to the professional tour, made history in the snooker championships – bagged the maximum break of 147 points

Robin Hull who is trying to return to the professional

The snooker star who lives in Tampere looked his best in the championships played in Helsinki and Espoo.

Robin Hull made Finnish snooker history by bagging a streak of 147 points on the second day of the Championship. Hull succeeded in the performance in the second set of their quarter-final Lasse Alvesaloa against.

A series of 147 points is known in snooker as a maximum break. In it, the player pockets 15 red and 15 black balls and then the colored balls in order of value from smallest to largest.

A maximum break has never been seen in the championships before. The historic trick was seen at the Cabin Street Snooker hall in Helsinki, which organizes the Championship in cooperation with Kera Snooker from Espoo.

It is Hull’s tenth career maximum break in the amateur championships. The previous one is from 2013.

Hull continued the break factory against Alvesalo in the fourth set when he leveled the match at 2-2 with a 135-point break.

Hull progressed from a tough match to the next round, eventually taking the set 4–3 by scoring a decisive 72 break. Alvesalo’s best break was also exemplary: he scored the sixth in an 88-point streak.

Trying to come back as a pro

Hull, 48, aims to return to the snooker world tour from the professional qualifiers held in Leicester at the turn of May and June.

A total of eight players from the two tournaments claim the right to play on the tour for two years.

During his career, Hull has won the under-21 world championship (1992), two amateur EC gold medals (1997 and 2013) and one professional tournament, the Shoot-out played in 2016.

The Finn has played in the main series of the professional World Cup, i.e. in Sheffield’s Crucible Theater in 2002, 2014 and 2015. The visits in question ended in defeat in the opening round Graeme Dottia, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Shaun Murphy against.

Seniors on the move

When Hull completed his maximum break on the first table of the Helsinki hall, the 61-year-old Esa Kaikumaa simultaneously bagged a hundred-point hitting streak on the third table.

The championships will be played to the end on Sunday in the same hall where Hull bagged the maximum break. The semifinals start at 10 a.m., the semifinals at 1:30 p.m. and the final at 5 p.m. In all matches, four sets are required to win.