Rise of the Ronin Review Scores and Comments Announced

Rise of the Ronin Review Scores and Comments Announced

Rise of the Ronin, one of the highly anticipated games of 2024, has finally been released. Action, adventure and fighting role-playing game developed by Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja Rise of the Ronin It took its place on the market as of March 22. Review scores and comments from the gaming media about the multiplayer game released for PS5 are coming gradually. Here are Rise of the Ronin review scores and comments…

Rise of the Ronin Review Scores

The scores for Rise of the Ronin, a multiplayer game in the action role-playing, adventure and fighting genres, are as follows:

  • PlayStation Universe – – 95/100
  • TheSixthAxis – – 90/100
  • Shacknews – – 90/100
  • Gamersky – – 85/100
  • Noisy Pixel – – 80/100
  • Worth Playing – – 80/100
  • Hardcore Gamer – – 80/100
  • PCMag – – 70/100
  • Push Square – – 60/100
  • GamingBolt – – 60/100
  • VGC – – 60/100
  • Het Nieuwsblad – – 40/100

OpenCritic average scores – – 75/100

MetaCritic average scores – – 76/100

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Rise of the Ronin Reviews

Here are summaries of reviews from members of the gaming media who commented on Rise of the Ronin:

“While Rise of the Ronin may seem like a game that combines influences from other games, it clearly demonstrates Team Ninja’s confident grasp. While the visual presentation is a bit crude, Rise of the Ronin is still the most accessible and ambitious game Team Ninja has made to date. Both hardcore action RPG fans We think that it is a production that open world adventure enthusiasts will definitely love and enjoy playing.” PlayStation Universe – – 95/100

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“Rise of the Ronin undoubtedly stands out as Team Ninja’s most ambitious, detailed and mature game to date. It’s about the Bakumatsu period with its rich maps, intriguing story and exciting fights. an unforgettable story creates. “As Team Ninja explores new design concepts, this is definitely a game that Team Ninja fans shouldn’t miss.” Gamersky – – 85/100

“We can say that it is a game whose tempo starts slowly and then accelerates. Overall we liked it but It means a 4-4 production. It would also be an exaggeration. “It is a production that those who prefer Team Ninja’s games will enjoy playing.” Worth Playing – – 80/100

Rise of the Ronin“Provides an enticing, fluid take on complex Ninja Team action, but will be a bit disappointing if you’re a fan of mechanically rich combat.” PCMag – – 70/100