Riot saved Skarner with a rework

In League of Legends there are always new champions, while others are so old that they desperately need a rework. We’ll tell you here which champions we think deserve a rework.

The game League of Legends has been a popular title among gamers for many years. Riot continues to provide its players with new, cool champions. However, since the game has been around for so long, it happens that some champions have fallen into obscurity and definitely deserve a rework.

How was Skarner saved? The champion Skarner was one of the most unpopular champions until recently, but thanks to his rework he has made it into the top 10, up from number 167. The rework not only changed his appearance, but his abilities were also completely reworked, which ensures this is intended to make players more likely to use Skarner again.

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How was the list compiled? The list is made up of two different factors: On the one hand, it is based on statistics from with a list of the most played champions.

In our case, however, we are not only interested in those who are at the bottom of the list. On the other hand, we have included champions in the list that have not been revised for some time.

Of course, in addition to the facts, my personal perception is also included in this list. I’ve been playing LoL for a few years now and I keep noticing the changes, or in this case the lack of changes, in some of the champions.

1. Corki

Corki is currently the 2nd least played champion (via and was added to the game in September 2009 (via leagueoflegends.fandom). Its last major revision came with patch 5.22 and its artwork was also revised in patch 7.4.

Nevertheless, there are always discussions among players about whether it is even worth playing Corki or what the point of playing Corki is. One user on Reddit even goes so far as to ask why the champion even exists.

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The comments under the thread also seem to be mostly approving. This is what some users write:

  • GeneralFrievolous writes: I rarely play in the middle, so my experience is not reliable, but the last time I played against a Corki was at the end of 2017.
  • HairyKraken comments: Totally agree. I don’t remember when, but Riot uploaded a developer video to VGU where they said they touched on the most important ones. I was really confused because I thought they forgot about Corki.
  • 2. Ivern

    Ivern was introduced in October 2016 with patch 6.2 and already had a rework with patch 13.11. Nevertheless, he is at the top of the statistics when it comes to the champions who are picked the least (via

    There was already a lot of discussion after Ivern’s rework and it was even described as a “catastrophic failure” on Reddit. Both factors, that he is one of the least played champions and that the rework has not improved him, contribute to the fact that Ivern also deserves a place on this list.

    3. Taric

    As with Corki and Ivern, Taric is also one of the champions who, according to statistics, are less played. The Champion, which, like Corki, is an old hand, was also introduced in 2009.

    Similar to our predecessors, Taric has already received a rework in patch 6.8 in 2016. In addition to his abilities, his artwork was also updated.

    There are also ongoing discussions among players on this topic in various threads on Reddit about why Taric is not more popular among players or why he has such a high win rate of currently over 53% (via

    4. Renata Glasc

    Compared to other champions, Renata Glasc is one of the champions that was introduced relatively late into the game. It was only added in 2022. Nevertheless, she is also one of the champions who, statistically speaking, are hardly being played at all. She is currently ranked 164th among the least played champions (via

    Since Renata hasn’t been in the game for long, she hasn’t received a rework yet. However, such would certainly be helpful in making them more attractive to players.

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