Riot Announces Radical Improvement for Coziest Mode – Players should be able to get good without stress

The MOBA League of Legends is known for its tough matches. But there is also a mode in LoL that is friendly and cuddly: the co-op mode. Here 5 people beat up dumb, underexposed AI bots and feel like masters doing it. This could soon come to an end. Riot plans to bring “better bots” to the test servers by the end of 2023.

What is this mode:

  • In the “Co-op vs. AI” mode, human players play against loyal-dumb bots, who play well and are actually led like lambs to the slaughterhouse.
  • Good players are already ganking and bullying the poor bots from level 1 because the AI ​​boys and girls always make the same mistakes and are easily tricked and farmed. The bots play without a jungler and with 2 top laners, which is actually not how you play LoL.
  • Co-op mode is designed for human players to try out new characters without pressure to complete missions or just play ahead. “Ambitious” players who only know ranked like to look down on co-op players.
  • At this point I would like to make a confession. I’m biased on the subject, I only play LoL in co-op mode and I’ve had to listen to a lot of alleged “experts” all my life that I like the “care bear” mode so much:

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    Co-op mode is meant to be like real LoL match

    This should change: On April 28th LoL developers announced major changes to the mode in a video message. The mode should be much more similar to a “normal LoL game”. The goal is:

  • Bots are supposed to do things like jungle, gank, and fight dragons – so they’re supposed to behave like real players
  • The AI ​​should now play together as a team, not like 5 individual players – That sounds like “Fantasy LoL”, not even real players act together as a team
  • The bots should even respond to changes in the meta.
  • They also want to expand the champion pool of bots
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    Mode should be less stressful to achieve “git gud”.

    Why do you do that? The mode is intended to serve as a stress-free way to get “good” at LoL without being constantly yelled at by other players (via lol/blog).

    When is that supposed to come? In the second half of 2023, “beta bots” should come to the test servers, then feedback will be collected via Reddit. So it will be a while before the bots are really in the game.

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