Riikka Smolander-Slotte’s investigative story about rhythmic gymnastics’ inappropriate coaching culture was chosen as the Sports Story of the Year | Sport

Riikka Smolander Slottes investigative story about rhythmic gymnastics inappropriate coaching culture

Riikka Smolander-Slotte’s story raised a big national debate about inappropriate behavior in sports

The jury formed by the board of the Federation of Sports Journalists has chosen Urheilu as the sports story of the year Riikka Smolander-Slotten investigative story about the inappropriate coaching culture of rhythmic gymnastics. The recognition was given at the joint sports appreciation day of the association and the Finnish Sports Gala on December 7 in Helsinki.

Smolander-Slotte’s research article reveals the shortcomings of the training culture of rhythmic gymnastics and it can be said that it is also socially significant. The story raised a big national debate about inappropriate behavior in sports, and Smolander-Slotte has spoken about the topic abroad as well.

The story’s significance is also increased by the fact that the topic has spawned numerous follow-up stories in other media as well, and inappropriate behavior in sports has remained a topic even a year later.

Smolander-Slotte’s story about the improper coaching culture of rhythmic gymnastics was already published a year ago, but due to voting schedule reasons, it was not taken into account at last year’s award ceremony.

Sports journalist of the year was awarded to MTV Urheilu Kasperi Kunnas. He was awarded for his life’s work as a sports journalist Hannu-Pekka Hänninen, Heikki Miettinen and Kari Pyykkö.