Rickard Olsson is selling the villa – looking for rich people

Rickard Olsson is selling the villa looking for rich

Richard Olsson, well known as presenter of TV programs such as Melodifestivalen, Söndagsöppet, Bingolotto and Nyhetsmorgon in TV4, has a wide experience in the entertainment industry. His participation as host of the children’s program “Wild Kids” made him especially popular among younger viewers.

In the fall of 2022, Rickard Olsson’s private life took a turn when he and his wife Gisele Essay decided to divorce after two years of marriage.

After the separation, Rickard Olsson temporarily lived in a shed on the same property in Nacka, while Giséle Essé continued to live in the couple’s luxurious villa.

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Storage on Rickard Olsson’s property in Nacka. Photo: Kevin Lavoie/Svensk Fastighetsförmedling”Big, expensive and lonely is not a good combination”

After struggling to resolve financial challenges, including borrowing money and selling assets such as a boat and summer cottage, last December Olsson succeeded in buying out his ex-wife and becoming the sole owner of the property.

– I had to borrow money from a very kind friend and was also forced to sell the boat. Then we’ll sell a summer house and pay off the loan and then it’s done, he said The Express then.

But now Olsson is going to sell the house that he previously fought to keep, which he says on Facebook. In the post, he announces that he now intends to sell the villa, which is located in Nacka municipality outside Stockholm.

The five-room villa, which has a living area of ​​160 square meters, borders the water and comes with a plot of nearly 3,000 square meters. The property is sold through Swedish Real Estate Agency at a starting price of SEK 16 million

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Rickard Olsson’s dining room with a view of the water. Photo: Kevin Lavoie/Svensk Fastighetsförmedling
Photo: Kevin Lavoie/Swedish real estate brokerage “Letting go”

After a struggle to try to keep the home, he announces that he is now letting go of the dream.

“Then it was time to drop anchor. After 26 years in paradise, I let go and surrender with the power of a fairy-tale hope,” he begins the post with.

Furthermore, he writes that it feels wonderful and tingly – but also scary.

“Feel free to share with rich people who want a plot of land 25 minutes from one of the world’s most beautiful capitals,” concludes Olsson.

Photo: Kevin Lavoie/Svensk Fastighetsförmedling Photo: Kevin Lavoie/Svensk fastighetsförmedling


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