REWAY GROUP: works for MGA worth 33 million euros for the rehabilitation of motorway viaducts in Central Italy

REWAY GROUP works for MGA worth 33 million euros for

(Finance) – Reway Group SpA. (EGM: RWY), the largest Italian operator in the rehabilitation of road and motorway infrastructures, as well as the only one in Italy to have the maintenance of the railway network in its core business (the “Company” or “Reway Group”), announces that its subsidiary company MGASrl – Manutenzioni Generali Autostrade (hereinafter “MGA” ), specialized in the renovation and restoration of tunnels, bridges and motorway viaducts, was awarded, within a consortium led by the Webuild Group, a contract worth (in quota) 33 million euros for the structural rehabilitation of motorway viaducts in Central Italy.

The works will be carried out as part of the contract for the seismic safety of four viaducts of theA25 Torano – Pescara motorwayassigned to the consortium led by the Webuild Group and participated by MGA and SPIC.

The order, with a total value of 131 million euros, will be divided among the members of the consortium, providing for MGA a share of 25% (approximately 33 million euros), for the leader Cossi Costruzioni, belonging to the Webuild Group, a share of 60% and for the SPIC partner a share of 15%. As part of the intervention, MGA will take care of the structural rehabilitation of the piers, abutments and foundations of the viaducts and will employ approximately 80 workers and its own fleet of technologically advanced vehicles and equipment.

Theworks for the modernization of the four viaducts of the A25 motorway are an integral part of the “Safe Roads” program and are financed with the resources of the PNC, an investment plan complementary to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

The new contract further consolidates the leadership position of the Reway Group in Italy in the rehabilitation of works of art (bridges, viaducts, tunnels) in the road and motorway sector.

“This new order consolidates the growth path of the Reway Group in its historic core business of the restoration of road and motorway infrastructures”, he commented Paolo Luccini, President and CEO of Reway Group.

“We are happy to be able to work together with partners of undisputed value such as Cossi Costruzioni of the Webuild Group, with which we are carrying out important extraordinary maintenance and redevelopment interventions on sections of the Italian motorway network, and SPIC. With over 500 employees and a capable fleet of to carry out all the rehabilitation interventions on bridges, viaducts and tunnels, Reway Group is ready to play a leading role in the numerous investment projects planned for the country’s infrastructure”, concluded Luccini.