Retirement before 65? Then you should do this

Retirement before 65 Then you should do this

Every year, thousands of people retire. Many fight hard and for a long time to be able to stop working when they want to, others feel on the other hand that a couple of extra years in working life after reaching retirement age is preferable from a financial point of view.

Continuing to work after reaching retirement age has meant that a new term has been coined, namely “job bonaire”.

The Pensions Authority defines a “job holder” as a person who combines achieved retirement with continued work. And those who continue to work may be doing just that to increase their pension in the future.

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Many people are worried about retirement

In a new survey conducted by Kantar, on behalf of Folksy, it turns out that four out of ten people, corresponding to 44 percent, harbor a hope of being able to retire before they reach the age of 65. But far from everyone has those conditions.

In an interview with News24 develops Katrin Röcklingerhead of the Life business area at Folksam, that it is not unusual for people to worry about the body not being able to work for a long time if necessary.

– The fact that every fourth person in our survey states that they are worried about not being able to work as long as necessary to get a secure pension is probably connected to the fact that as we live longer and longer, we are also expected to work longer and longer, she says and adds:

– Working a few years longer is undoubtedly good for your pension, but many people neither can nor are allowed to continue working.

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Katrin Röcklinger, head of the Life business area at Folksam. Photo: Folksam PressbildThat’s why every fourth person wants to retire before age 65

The survey carried out shows that one in four people is worried about not being able to work as long as it may be required to have a good economy as a pensioner. At the same time, it shows that one in four people would like to retire before they turn 65. According to Röcklinger, the reasons why so many know just so many.

– For some, it is about having had mental or physical work that makes it difficult to work longer than the age of 65, while for others it can be about, for example, wanting to have more time for family and grandchildren and being able to devote more time to their interests.

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Retirement before 65? Then you should do this

In order to create good conditions for retirement and reduce the risk of worry about the economy, there are therefore ways to act. It is important to have active pension savings on your own, which creates greater security for the future, especially if you want to retire before you turn 65. But at the same time, there is more work to be done in society, according to Röcklinger.

– Saving for your own pension is a good way to increase your financial security. But we also need to change our pension system so that it lives up to the goal of a general pension of 60 percent of the final salary and not 45 percent, which is the case today. In addition to this, the labor market also needs to get better at making use of the skills and experience of the elderly, she tells Nyheter24.

Kantar’s survey was carried out on behalf of Folksam. Through 1,593 web surveys, people aged between 18-67 have participated.

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