Results of LFI and Manon Aubry at the Europeans: disappointment for the Insoumis

Results of LFI and Manon Aubry at the Europeans disappointment

Manon Aubry was the head of the list of La France insoumise for the 2024 European elections. The list she led came in 4th position on Sunday evening.

Disappointment for Manon Aubry this Sunday during the European elections. As announced by the first results of the ballot revealed at 8 p.m. Sunday June 9, the head of the list of La France insoumise did not succeed in defying the polls. The publication of the official results this Monday, June 10 by the Ministry of the Interior confirmed the trend with a final score of 9.89%.

This result still offers 9 seats of European deputies to LFI but this score is much lower than that of its competitors, Jordan Bardella and the RN in the lead with more than 31% of the votes ahead of Valérie Hayer (Renaissance) with 14.60% and Raphaël Glucksmann of PS-PP (13.83%).

Manon Aubry did not succeed in convincing the other left-wing forces to unite to form a common list, heir to the Nupes, in order to obtain a maximum of seats in the European Parliament. But even at the head of the rebellious list, Manon Aubry presented herself as the candidate of a united left and “all the orphans of Nupes”. She had also planned to “defend the program, the spirit, the strategy of Nupes”.

The head of the list had to campaign against three other left-wing lists, which refused his proposal to form a common list for the European elections to carry the program of the Nupes alliance buried at the end of last year. A decision which led to a “battle of small horses” between the lefts strongly criticized by Manon Aubry, who however took part with her party. The candidate also criticized socialists, ecologists and communists for having “chosen irresponsibility rather than unity”, with EURACTIV during the campaign.

But despite this refusal, the rebellious MEP presented herself as the candidate of a united left, heir to Nupes, to attract as many left-wing voters as possible to her cause. If it defended the ideas of the Nupes, the LFI list in the European elections also campaigned by clearly displaying its position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and on the status of Palestine – the subject which accelerated the implosion of the alliance of the left. If the first strategy could be unifying, the second was clearly more divisive among voters.

Manon Aubry’s result in the European elections

The head of the LFI list in the 2024 European elections obtained 9.89% of the votes according to the official results, which allows LFI to win 9 seats in the European Parliament. Manon Aubry managed to obtain a better result in the 2024 European elections than in the previous election. Five years ago, the head of the list of La France insoumise obtained 6.8% of the vote and was narrowly elected.

Manon Aubry, head of the LFI list for the second time

Manon Aubry entered the European Parliament in 2019, at the head of the list of the La France insoumise delegation. Five years later, after some procrastination, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party has once again decided to put him at the head of the list in the 2024 European elections, which take place this Sunday, June 9. At 34, Manon Aubry is now a well-known figure on the French left. She leads a list of ruptures with European liberalism and carries a program which aims to “emerge from austerity”.

Born in Fréjus in 1989, Manon Aubry graduated from Sciences Po Paris in political science and business and international relations. At the time, the rebellious MEP attended the establishment at the same time as Gabriel Attal. It is within various NGOs that Manon Aubry cut her teeth: she worked for Médecins du Monde in Liberia in 2012 and for the Carter Center in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 2013 to 2014, before joining the NGO Oxfam France in Paris with whom she worked until 2019, the year she joined LFI for the Europeans.