Result of the RN and Jordan Bardella in the Europeans: historic score and a clear victory to launch 2027

Result of the RN and Jordan Bardella in the Europeans

Jordan Bardella, the RN candidate, managed to create a big gap during these European elections.

Jordan Bardella will regain his seat in the European Parliament this Sunday June 9, 2024 following the European elections. The leader of the RN saw his list win with 31.37% of the votes according to the official results transmitted this Monday by the Ministry of the Interior. The head of the list will be accompanied in Strasbourg by 29 other deputies from the National Rally. Will he still sit? Nothing is less certain after the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly by Emmanuel Macron. By once again leading the RN in this express legislative campaign, Jordan Bardella could well give up his seat by obtaining a mandate in the National Assembly. Before moving to Matignon in the event of another triumph of the RN?

These European elections were already crucial for the National Rally (RN) which worked to make this election a duel between the far right and the presidential majority, and even a “referendum for or against Emmanuel Macron” as Jordan Bardella said in the columns of West France a few days before the election. The president of the RN has several times presented the European elections as a vote with serious consequences at the national level and assured that as the only national elections before the next presidential election, the European elections are “the only opportunity to sanction Emmanuel Macron and ‘open the path to alternation’. Mission visibly accomplished with this result followed, moreover, by Emmanuel Macron’s announcement to dissolve the National Assembly in a televised speech which followed the announcement of the results.