resigned reactions to the impotence of the UN and diplomacy in the face of M23

resigned reactions to the impotence of the UN and diplomacy

The words of Antonio Guterres provoked strong reactions in the DRC. The UN Secretary General said that MONUSCO blue helmets are not capable of beating M23 fighters. In Kinshasa, political actors, activists and experts have reacted and note a kind of impotence of the UN, in addition to the weaknesses of the Congolese army on the ground.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

The fact is that the United Nations is not capable of beating the M23. The truth is that the M23 today is a modern army, with heavy equipment that is more advanced than the equipment of Monusco », told France 24 and RFI the UN Secretary General, Sunday 18 September.

In the entourage of the Congolese president Felix Tshisekedi, we said we were disappointed but not surprised, given that these comments have already been made by UN leaders in bilateral meetings between the UN and the Congolese authorities. For his part, MP Claudel André Lubaya believes that this is an illustration of the failure of Congolese diplomacy:

The world tour obviously did not produce much. The government is solely responsible for this situation, since it has never deigned to reveal to the nation the content and contours of the economic and security agreements that it concluded in complete opacity with our Rwandan and Ugandan neighbours. »

Claudel André Lubaya advocates the strengthening of the Congolese army to deal with this situation. For his part, Pierre Boisselet, researcher at the Congo Study Group (GEC), notes that Félix Tshisekedi’s room for maneuver is quite narrow today. This is, from his point of view, the other lesson to be learned from this media release by Antonio Guterres:

The international community does not seem to be putting very strong pressure on Kigali. She seems quite divided. We do not see a really strong initiative on that side. »

Pierre Boisselet believes that the talks advocated by Antonio Guterres risk encountering significant obstacles, given the context: “ The idea of ​​negotiation with the M23 or Rwanda also seems to me quite blocked, because it is a rather unpopular option in the DRC. It will be more and more difficult, as the elections approach. »

Meanwhile, Félix Tshisekedi is enjoying his stay in New York, where this Tuesday, September 20 opens the 77th United Nations General Assemblyin an attempt to convince Western powers to put more pressure on Rwanda.