Residents worried after the explosion in Solna

Residents worried after the explosion in Solna

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A powerful explosion occurred in Huvudsta in Solna on Thursday evening.

Now the concern is growing after the powerful explosion.

– You don’t know, you don’t dare to go out in the evenings, says Ingered Grenestig, 94, who lives in the area.

A very strong explosion occurred in Huvudsta in Solna north of Stockholm on Thursday evening.

Residents have told Aftonbladet that it sounded like a bomb and that their entire building vibrated.

The police have started a preliminary investigation into public dangerous devastation, but no one has been arrested.

When Aftonbladet talks to residents the day after the explosion, there are those who are worried.

– It is of course very scary. I heard how the window vibrated and there was noise in the apartment. So it’s scary, of course, says 20-year-old Jim Lind, who lives in the area.

He continues.

– I have lived here for a year exactly. I have not experienced anything like this before.

“Thought it was the thunder”

Helena Lundman, 74, was just about to turn off the light and go to sleep.

– Oh, I thought it was the thunder, it was just a rumble. Then my bed vibrated a little, I was just about to turn off and sleep. Then I realized it wasn’t the thunder because there are usually more bangs when there’s thunder, she says.

Ingered Grenestig, 94, says that there has been a big change in the area since she herself moved there.

– It was calmer before but now I think that, you don’t know, you don’t dare to go out in the evenings when it’s dark and such because you think it’s unpleasant.

Maria Jemdahl, 45, was sleeping when she felt the shaking. She says that it was unpleasant to wake up to the sound of a bang.

– As I was sleeping, I felt the bed shake in some way and my husband was awake and I heard him rushing to the sofa. Then I understood that something bigger has happened, says Maria Jemdahl.

Looking to see if there is surveillance footage

The police searched the house and neighboring houses but found no one injured. A large area was cordoned off in connection with the incident.

The police have told us that they are looking, among other things, to see if there are videos that could be helpful in the investigation.

– There are cameras somewhere in the area. It is something that we will bring in and see if there is information through them. It can exist and it is routine, says Jari Kalliorinne on Friday morning.

Many witnesses were heard during the night and on Friday the police will have a high presence in the area.

full screen Here it has exploded. Photo: Reader picture
full screen Emergency services, ambulance, police and fire brigade are on site. Photo: Peter Wixtröm
full screen The police have cordoned off a large area around the house where the explosion occurred. Photo: Peter Wixtröm