Resident Evil 9 Could Be Open World

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Resident Evil 9 may include open world elements. The game is being developed with the largest budget in the series and focuses on technological innovations.

The next installment of the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 9, can move the game world to an open world concept. This claim was made by a respected leaker in the industry. Dusk Golem It was put forward by. Dusk Golem stated that Resident Evil 9 may expand on Capcom’s RE Engine and that the game may include open world elements. This change could mark a significant transformation in the series’ long-standing tradition.

Resident Evil 9 Could Potentially Be Open World

The Resident Evil series has made significant technological and narrative breakthroughs in recent years, with Resident Evil Village released in 2021. Dusk Golem also stated that Monster Hunter Wild will also use the RE Engine and that both games will retain the core elements of their franchises.

This information shows how far Capcom has come in improving and expanding its existing technology. It is stated that Resident Evil 9 will have the largest budget of the entire series and that is why the development process took a long time.

The details that Dusk Golem shared via Discord in the past reveal how ambitious Capcom is in this new project. It creates expectations that offering open-world game mechanics can bring the series to an even wider player base, while also providing a new experience for existing fans.

However, the performance issues and in-game purchases that Dragon’s Dogma 2 initially encountered hold important lessons for Capcom. It is hoped that the company will benefit from these experiences and prepare Resident Evil 9 for a smoother launch. The fact that the game needs a longer development process shows Capcom’s commitment to this major project and the importance it attaches to the quality of the game.