Researchers have developed an effective mind-reading technology

Researchers have developed an effective mind reading technology

Researchers effectively mind reading developed the technology. The system uses a special artificial intelligence-based language model for this. uses.

What would a system that puts your thoughts in writing? There are people who have been working in this field for many years. The one who brought the process to the fore once again is the one in Austin. University of Texas are researchers. “Semantic DecoderResearchers who have developed a system they call ”, with this system powered by artificial intelligence-based language model able to put thoughts into writing with a high level of accuracy. The point where this system makes the biggest difference is that it does not require a physical connection to the human brain. This means that a device does not need to be surgically implanted in a brain to read brain signals, but instead. Cranial Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) technology is used. This technology is being defined: “Cranial Functional MRI is used to anatomically locate normal and diseased brain functions. MRI is a medical imaging method used in the diagnosis and follow-up of diseases in all body areas. Images are created using MRI, strong magnetic field and radiofrequency waves. MRI does not contain radiation. fMRI, on the other hand, is an MRI method that shows functionally activated areas in the brain depending on the change in blood oxygen level. fMRI provides visualization of functional areas of the brain that cannot be detected by other standard MRI imaging modalities.”


To train their system, the researchers recorded the brain responses of three people who were told stories for 16 hours. In this way, the system made operational, It is now able to predict with considerable accuracy how the brain will respond when it hears a series of words. The system, which can only be used in a laboratory environment for now, will be used in the future. Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) It is aimed to make it more portable with a technology based on technology. So what exactly will this “Semantic Decoder” technology do? There is a very important focus here. Thanks to this system, some people who are mentally conscious but physically unable to speak, such as those who have had a stroke, able to communicate clearly again. The system, on which the work will continue, will greatly affect the lives of people with speech difficulties in the future. can facilitate.