Research: we think badly about care for later, especially procrastination among the over-50s

Healthcare workers are campaigning in Utrecht for higher wages

Is the care of the elderly still sustainable? Will everyone become a carer? RTV Utrecht reporter Iris Tasseron tries to find answers to these questions in the podcast series ‘Care’. A personal quest together with her 90-year-old mother and 27-year-old son. There is a large shortage of personnel in the healthcare sector and the aging population is increasing. This means that care for the elderly must be organized differently and that everyone must now or later take care of family members or friends. Care at home is the future. How do you prepare for that?

Iris speaks with home care and care experts. And in between all these conversations and experiences, she helps her mother in the search for ways to stay fit, which is sometimes confrontational for both of them, but also provides funny moments. And together with her son, she is investigating how they can prepare for their own role as informal carers.

Listen to the podcast here.