research in Haute-Garonne, his report

research in Haute Garonne his report

Julien Leblanc, a 44-year-old man, is missing in Haute-Garonne. Here is his report.

A call for witnesses was launched by the gendarmerie of Haute-Garonne to try to find Julien Leblanc. This 44-year-old man has been missing since Tuesday May 9, 2023. It is in Ponlat-Taillebourg, a town of 600 inhabitants located at the foot of the Pyrenees, near Saint-Gaudens (100km south of Toulouse) , that he was last seen during the morning of that day. In the information disseminated on social networks, the soldiers did not indicate the precise reasons for this call for witnesses but consider the disappearance of this forty-something “worrying”.

According to the description provided by the gendarmerie, the man is of Caucasian type, of strong build, measures 1.85m, wears a thick beard and has thick hair. Anyone with information is invited to contact the police in charge of the file on 05 62 00 97 70.