Rescue helicopter is kept on the ground

Rescue helicopter is kept on the ground



full screen For five-day periods during the spring and autumn, the rescue helicopter based in Kristianstad will be stationary due to a pilot shortage, reports SVT. Archive image. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

The Swedish Maritime Administration’s rescue helicopter based in Skåne will periodically stand still during the spring and autumn due to a pilot shortage. During these periods, five days at a time, the idea is that the rescue helicopters in Gothenburg and Visby will be allowed to cover the whole of southern Sweden, reports SVT Nyheter Skåne.

– It can take longer before you are rescued, says Daniel Regnér, who is the head of the helicopter base in Kristianstad, to SVT.

However, the plan is to keep the base completely open during the summer, when the number of calls is usually the highest.

One of the reasons for the pilot shortage is the salary situation. So far, the Norwegian Maritime Administration has lost one pilot who got a job in Norway, where wages are higher.