Rented an electric car – forced to pay for petrol

Rented an electric car forced to pay for petrol

The brand has also had a number of Polestar 2s in its American fleet.

Traumatic experience

The ownership experience from Hertz’s side has hardly been particularly pleasant, which unfortunately has affected the rental experience. It has previously been reported about a customer who was charged 277 dollars, the equivalent of 2,908 kroner, for gasoline that the Tesla he rented could not possibly burn.

The American The Drive reports.

Now, testimonials are coming in from other Hertz customers who say they’ve been charged even more for gas when a Tesla has been rented.

The fee Hertz charged customers called “Skip the Pump”, this is a cost for Hertz to fill the tank for customers instead of you having to do it yourself.

Of course, no Tesla runs on gas and Hertz has a separate, fixed charge for electric car charging, which makes it very strange that the customer was charged close to $300. He was charged the money even though he returned the car with exactly the same charge as when he was given it.

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Blame it on system glitches

Most notable in this press is that Hertz refused to refund the wrongly charged amount until several articles were published.

Also, now it seems that this is not an isolated case as other customers have reported similar experiences.

Hertz, on the other hand, claims that it is a system error that caused the incorrect debit. Representatives from the car rental company claim to have compensated customers with a credit for future electric car rentals, the question is who dares to use it?

The customers, on the other hand, testify to another incident where the problems had already started when the car was booked. A customer named Evan said that upon pickup he found out that the Long Range model he had reserved was not available, and that he had been downgraded to a standard version. He had to fight hard for compensation that landed at a remarkably low $22.

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Hertz has hopeless customer service

Evan returned the rental car with a 21 percent charge and expected to pay a flat fee of $25 for charging.

To Evan’s surprise, he was charged over $300 for the “Skip the Pump” fee. He testifies about customer service that was hopelessly difficult to reach and that it took an uproar on social media to get Hertz’s attention.

In the end, a representative from Hertz was able to review the charge and refund it. But Evan was told that it could take five to seven business days for the money to be transferred, and to compensate for the inconvenience, he was only offered one free day of renting an electric car that also had to be redeemed during the current calendar year.

Exactly how many other Hertz customers have been wrongly charged is unclear, although a Facebook post from March 2023 indicates Hertz’s actions have been going on for more than a year.

After hearing these stories, other electric car renters may be hesitant to use Hertz, at least I would have been. However, it is important to point out that Swedish Hertz has a different owner than in the USA and there are no reports that this has taken place in Sweden.

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