Renault Talian price list; discount move on automatic package

Where did the Renault Taliant price come from in the

Contrary to the announced November Renault Taliant price list, the only version with automatic transmission offers discounts to users.

Taliant, which managed to come to the fore in the compact sedan market in a short time, has the potential to attract attention in November in the price focus, where the other members of the family accelerated upwards. As a result of the step taken by Renault as a campaign, the automatic price version of the model has decreased by 13 thousand TL, and the label has been reduced below the 500 thousand TL limit. When we look at the latest Renault Taliant price list, we see that the “Joy 1.0 Turbo X-tronic 90 hp” version, which is offered for 512,000 TL under normal conditions, can be purchased for 499,000 TL. For this price, which is underlined as a limited number, users will have to be quick.


Renault Talian price list

of the brand official sources Prices for the month of November shared by us are as follows;

Joy 1.0 Sce 65 HP 403,000 ₺
Joy 1.0 Turbo X-tronic 90 hp 512.000 TL – 499.000 TL in limited quantities with the campaign
Touch 1.0 Turbo X-tronic 90 hp 544.900 ₺


How were the prices in September?

September prices for Taliant;

Joy 1.0 Sce 65 HP 403,000 ₺
Joy 1.0 Turbo X-tronic 90 hp 507,000 ₺
Touch 1.0 Turbo X-tronic 90 hp 539.000 ₺

Taliant, which offers a much more modern line in terms of design compared to the Symbol it replaces, has the latest generation design face that we see in all models, including the Clio. The identity, in which the LED lights in the front and back in the form of “C” are at the forefront, also increases the expectations regarding the technological supports that come as standard.