Remi Lindholm was about to miss the royal trip, but became the champion – tomorrow is a 60 kilometer race | Sport

Remi Lindholm was about to miss the royal trip but

Remi Lindholm became the Finnish champion of the 50 km traditional skiing style in Rovaniemi with his strong final push. Markus Vuorela led the race for about 48 kilometers.

Anu Karttunen,

Laura Arffman

Imatra’s Athletes Remi Lindholm still drew lots on Saturday, whether he will go to the 50 km traditional skiing race of the Rovaniemi SC on Sunday at all. Illnesses in the spring took their toll. Shortly before departure, Lindholm decided to start.

– It went quite well, Lindholm stated calmly.

Lindholm’s pace distribution was very successful, as he clocked his first record time only at 48 kilometers. As an expert on long distances, he stated that he knows quite well at what speed he can ski 50 kilometers.

– Actually, I just maintained that pace. The difference I caught at the end was probably more the badness of others than my goodness, he said modestly, but stated that he skied the best traditional skiing of his career in the competition.

Markus Vuorela led the 50 km race for almost 48 km, but after that Lindholm came and washed the whole group. The man from Jämin Jänte had difficulties with the conditions, because his skis ran out of grip.

– I was sure somewhere that I would win, but then I noticed that the ski was starting to slip. In the last lap, my inner thigh was cramping. Remi was hard at the end, couldn’t do anything, also (Miro) Karpanen gave strong resistance, Vuorela admitted.

– Everything fell by the wayside. Now I feel like I have to look at what I’ve said later.

“Easier to get medals on a skateboard”

Lindholm is known above all as a master of freestyle skiing, so that’s why the championship meant a lot to him. He stated that the SM gold means the most to him, because traditional is a very competitive technique in Finland and the standard is usually better.

– It is easier to win medals on “skate” in Finland, Lindholm reasoned.

Lindholm is not going to organize a championship party yet. They have to wait another week.

– I should go drive to Olos. Tomorrow is a 60 kilometer race, on Wednesday 50 kilometers and then on Friday 80 kilometers, said Lindholm, who participates in traditional Lapland.

Miro Karppanen of Imatra Athletes, who took the bronze, was happy that he got a medal, even though he fought during the race even for the win. According to Karpanen, it was an extreme endurance race.

– When I heard that I was fighting for a medal or even a victory, it gave me the strength to fight. Although the differences were small, everything remained on the track. Couldn’t have found anything more. It was one of the hardest races I’ve ever skied, Karppanen said.

– Of course it would have been nice to take a double win with my best friend, but on the podium nonetheless. I’m happy for Remi.

Men’s 50 km (p)

1. Remi Lindholm 2.19.07,2
2. Markus Vuorela + 17.5
3. Miro Karpanen + 22.4
4. Ville Ahonen + 53.9
5. Ristomatti Hakola + 57.5
6. Lauri Lepistö + 2.54,0
7. Perttu Hyvärinen + 3.51,1
8. Emil Liekari + 4.05,9