Remarkable warning from Italy: “Sending NATO troops to Ukraine would mean World War 3”

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Answering questions at an event he attended in Verona, Tajani said regarding French President Emmanuel Macron’s possibility of sending troops to Ukraine: “I think NATO should not enter Ukraine. I hope such a thing does not happen. To go there and go to war with Russia.” “To enter would mean the risk of World War III breaking out.” made his assessment.


Emphasizing that they are not at war with Russia, Tajani said, “We defend international law and Ukraine’s freedom, but we do not go to war with Russia. We are giving all kinds of military, economic and technical tools to Kiev, but going to war seems like a mistake to me and not all Italians want it.” he said.

Tajani also reiterated that it is out of the question for Italian troops to go to Ukraine, and noted that the Italian army has done a good job in protecting commercial ships in the Red Sea, in Lebanon, Iraq and Africa, and that it is the bearer of peace.

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Catholics and the President of the Vatican, said in an interview with Swiss Radio Television (RSI) regarding Ukraine on March 9, “I believe that the one who sees the situation, thinks about his people, and has the courage to raise the white flag and negotiate is stronger.” .” Tajani, who was reminded that his words were met with reaction, argued that the Pope’s words were distorted and that he actually wanted peace and called for a sitting at the table for this.

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