Remarkable move from Russian President Putin! He will plant nuclear weapons in that country.

Remarkable move from Russian President Putin He will plant nuclear

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in an interview with Russian state television that they will place nuclear weapons in Belarus in compliance with the obligations of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).

In his statements, Putin said, “Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko demands this, saying that we have close allies and deep relations. We do not give nuclear weapons to Belarus. The USA does not give it to its allies. In fact, we will do what they have been doing for years. They have certain allies and they are preparing their carriers. They also have crews. “We have decided to do the same. We have supported our Belarusian friends without violating the obligations of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, and we have developed 10 aircraft accordingly (according to carrying nuclear weapons). These 10 aircraft are ready to use such weapons.” used the phrases.


Stating that they also continue their work in Belarus, Putin said, “As of April 3, we start the training of the crews. We will finish the construction of a special storage facility by July 1.” said.

Adding that the UK’s decision to send diluted nuclear projectiles to Ukraine is risky, Putin said, “These are of course not in the category of weapons of mass destruction. They somehow create radiation dust and therefore are dangerous weapons. If they are used, agricultural fields will inevitably be contaminated. there will be danger to local residents and the environment.” he said. (UAV)