Remake of one of the most exciting stories of all time, which has already existed twice as a thriller masterpiece

Remake of one of the most exciting stories of all

The film Wages of Fear appeared in 1953 and is still relevant today, 70 years later. When it was first released, it was well received by critics and audiences alike. Even Christopher Nolan, who recently accepted an Oscar for Oppenheimer, let his career progress inspired by this masterpiece. Today the remake Wages of Fear is streaming on Netflix.

Extremely exciting action thriller on Netflix: That’s what Wages of Fear is about

An oil well catches fire in an African desert. The flames spread and a catastrophe is looming. To make matters worse, there is a refugee camp near the source. To stop the infernothe operating company decides to get help.

That’s why four professionals (Sofiane Zermani, Alban Lenoir, Ana Giradot and Franck Gastambide) are hired. With the help of targeted explosions They are supposed to create pressure waves that extinguish the flames. To do this, however, they have to drive the sensitive explosive 800 kilometers through the desert without exploding first.

Action expert Julien Leclercq brings Wages of Fear home and to Netflix

When you think of French action films, Luc Besson quickly comes to mind. The French director is responsible for genre classics such as Léon – The Professional and The Transporter. But Julien Leclercq was entrusted with the project instead. And him seems a logical choice for the director position. After all, he has already made adrenaline-charged films like Sentinelle and Earth and Blood for Netflix.


Wages of fear

So Leclercq is not a newcomer to the field. With the remake, however, he steps up an important legacy at. After all, not only is the original already stunningly good, but also the first remake, Breathless with Fear, which was made by William Friedkin in America in 1977.

With the Netflix version, the material is now returning to France. This means that we mainly see French actors in front of the camera. Including Alban Lenoir, who is also no newcomer to the action genre with Ververrte Kugel and 15 Minutes of War.

Whether the new film of the novel The salary of the price by Georges Arnaud will once again have the same impact as its predecessors, you can now judge for yourself.

Wages of Fear is available on Netflix in a flat rate.