Release work continues for the smart ring Samsung Galaxy Ring

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South Korea-based technology giant Samsung, in the past weeks Samsung Galaxy Ring An official announcement for had accomplished.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Software work continues for the product’s latest “Samsung Battery WidgetIt is also reported that it was added to “. The product, which will be available very soon, was recently announced. We learned that it will also help with nutrition.. The product, which is said to be able to create nutrition / meal plans for people based on the health data it collects and analyzes, will have Samsung Food integration, a personalized meal and recipe service supported by artificial intelligence. The product, which is also informed that it can make meal suggestions based on the products inside smart Samsung cabinets with deeper integration, seems to be one of the most advanced options in the market. As reported before, the company removed the device at the first stage. To produce 400 thousand units aimswants to adjust production over time according to demand, specific to production May He is thinking of starting in 2020 and at this stage July It is working with the focus of making a real launch in 2020. On sale August Rumors had previously come to the fore that the product, which is claimed to be released in 2020, may lack functions such as irregular heart rhythm, blood pressure, and ECG. Meanwhile the device It will be compatible with all Android phones, not just Galaxy phones.


He is actively working on this issue stating and Samsung, which took a logical step with full support, for the smart ring iPhone support does not seem to be planned for now. According to the statement of TM Roh, the head of Samsung Mobile, who spoke before The battery life of the device will vary between 5 and 9 days depending on usage conditions. This time seems sufficient in general, and it is thought that the charging time of the device will be very low.