Release, classes and gameplay of the new MMORPG

Throne and Liberty is a new MMORPG from NCSoft (Aion, Blade & Soul). It will be a AAA game for PC and consoles with a focus on combat, exploration and PvP. But who is the MMORPG suitable for?

What exactly is Throne and Liberty? NCSoft’s new MMORPG was originally planned as Lineage Eternal, but was taken completely offline in 2017 because the first testers didn’t like it. Years of revision followed and finally a renaming to Throne and Liberty.

  • You create a character and there are only people to choose from. Your play style is determined by two weapons that you can switch between in combat.
  • The combat system was initially rather static and reminiscent of Lineage 2. Changes have now been made so that it offers a mix of tab target and action combat system.
  • The entire game world should work without loading screens.
  • There should be high-quality PvE content. So far there is talk of huge boss fights, dynamic events and a story that should play an important role.
  • The PvP system primarily revolves around conquering areas (outposts) and the battle for the big castle, which takes place every two weeks. Additionally, there is PvP in some dungeons and during certain open world events. However, you will always be warned before entering a PvP zone.
  • The core of the entire game is a dynamic weather system that is intended to influence abilities, sieges and opponents in the game world. Arrows should fly faster in windy conditions and access points such as sewers should be blocked by rain.

    The publisher in the western region will be Amazon, which also manages Lost Ark, New World and the upcoming MMORPG Blue Protocol.

    The article was last updated on September 14, 2023 with new information about the combat system

    You can watch the first gameplay of the game here:

    Throne and Liberty is considered a great MMORPG hope – shows the highlights of an internal beta in the video

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    Throne and Liberty will be released worldwide at the same time

    Is Throne and Liberty coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S?

    Yes, it will be released for both PC and consoles. It is not yet certain whether the release will take place at the same time. However, all versions should be on the same level and there will be crossplay.

    Will there be another beta?

    Yes, the first western beta will take place in North America in September. However, it is under NDA. However, further tests – including for Europe – are planned.

    What about monetization?

    Throne and Liberty will be Free2Play in Korea and will have a shop that looks relatively fair. Only one item, which makes character-related drops available for sale, received some criticism.

    The conference call on August 12, 2022 also said: “We will minimize the gap between users as much as possible and avoid Pay2Win design.”

    Merv Lee Kwai, the franchise lead at Amazon, emphasized to us that there will be no Pay2Win in the western version.

    What do we know about the engine?

    Throne and Liberty was originally developed in Unreal Engine 4. It is currently unknown whether there was an upgrade to UE5.

    Classes, weapons and character development

    How is Throne and Liberty structured? At the beginning you create a character, and there is a very detailed character editor. However, only people are available to choose from as a people. In addition, you don’t choose a class, because the MMORPG doesn’t do that.

    In return you get two different weapon sets. You can switch between them at any time. Every weapon should also offer defensive elements. We have collected all 9 weapons that the game will offer upon release here. A character should also be able to “level up” all weapons.

    You then level your character through quests, dynamic events, grinding mobs or dungeons. A special highlight are the options for getting around.

    You will be able to transform yourself into animals to progress faster, such as an eagle in flight, a wolf on the ground or a shark in the water. You even learn these skills in the tutorial and you can summon them while moving.

    You should also be able to transform yourself into the giant siege monsters and will be given a climbing hook to overcome walls more quickly.

    Throne and Liberty – Official GeForce RTX Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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    What is the Memorial System? The memorials should be an important part of the game. These are major changes in the world, such as story progression. The entire server should master this together instead of throwing players into individual phases.

    However, you should also be able to experience old content again later via the memorials.

    PvE, PvP and the dynamic weather system

    What PvE content is there? There are only a few statements here so far. PvE should play a central role in ensuring that Throne and Liberty reaches the mainstream. There should be high-quality content that is accompanied by a strong story.

    There will also be dynamic events in the world to take part in. Recently, instanced PvE dungeons for small groups were also announced.

    What PvP content is there? There will also be dynamic events in PvP. These should always be displayed on the map so that PvE players can consciously avoid them.

    The events in Throne and Liberty should also be based on the background stories of the individual regions within the MMORPG and take place regionally. Players compete against each other for around 20 minutes and aim to climb up the rankings.

    One example was the “Wolftail Event”. The players had to spend 20 minutes killing wolves and collecting their tails. However, PvP was active in the region, so players could kill each other and steal the collected wolf tails. Whoever had the most cocks at the end got the biggest rewards.

    There will also be guild wars for fortresses. These should take place in the mass battles shown and with siege weapons.

    You can control these monsters yourself.

    What is the weather system all about? The game world of the MMORPG will offer various weather and environmental influences. The terrain of areas should change when it rains or storms. This weather is also said to have an influence on your abilities.

    The players who are highest in the PvP rankings should also be able to influence the weather for 10 minutes twice a day, which should increase the appeal of PvP.

    There will also be a day and night cycle that will also change the world. A day should last four hours, the night one hour.

    Minimalist UI and Pets

    What else do we know about the game? Small details were repeatedly revealed in videos and QnAs. We have collected these for you here:

  • The UI of Throne and Liberty is intended to be minimalistic and only display the bare essentials.
  • Whoever wins a siege gets to channel the takeover of the throne at the end, which is part of the name.
  • The game world itself should offer a lot of freedom, which is where the “Liberty” comes from.
  • Small pets have been shown in videos, but it is currently unclear whether they come with special functions.
  • So far we’ve only seen in the video that characters can collect herbs. Otherwise nothing is known about a possible crafting system.
  • Characters in the videos were level 70, but it is possible that the max level is even higher.
  • What do you think of Throne and Liberty? Does the MMORPG appeal to you or are you waiting for another title?

    A possible alternative could be Blue Protocol. This is aimed primarily at fans of PvE and anime. We have collected everything about it here:

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