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COURSEUP. The post-baccalaureate orientation platform opens for registration and the formulation of wishes from this Wednesday, January 18. Here are our tips for making the best choices.

[Mis à jour le 18 janvier 2023 à 6h12] Let’s go ! The Parcoursup registration and wishing phase is launched this Wednesday, January 18, 2023 on the post-baccalaureate orientation platform. Writing a motivation letter for each wish is also part of the candidates’ mission. The latter will have until March 9 to formulate their wishes, and until April 6 to close their file.

More than 21,000 training courses recognized by the State are accessible on the site, dispatched throughout the national territory and classified by files. Terminale and reorientation students can also consult the prerequisites required by each course, the number of places available or the contacts of the establishments. Here is our advice for formulating your wishes and sub-wishes.

It is possible to formulate up to 10 wishes in total, but also sub-vows depending on the training. Applicants seeking training in learning have 10 additional wishes for these same apprenticeships. About 7,500 apprenticeship training courses are available and for many of them, you can make your wishes throughout the Parcoursup procedure, without a deadline. For high school students, each wish expressed is the subject of a Future sheet, which will include the assessments of its teachers and the opinion of the headteacher following the 2nd class council. They are sent to the universities concerned.

Another advantage of the site: if a candidate is looking for a specific training, the search engine also offers him similar training that could potentially interest him. In their list of a maximum of 10 wishes, in no order of preference and with no obligation to add a non-selective course, Parcoursup candidates must present their motivation for each of the wishes entered. They have for this from mid-January to mid-March.

High school students have the opportunity to apply outside the academy : “a few places [sont] reserved in the non-selective streams of a university for candidates coming from another academy”, specifies AFP. If the student chooses to limit his applications to selective streams or to universities outside his academy, he risk of remaining without a proposal and receives a series of messages from the Parcoursup platform to inform them.

Finally, the candidate has an additional possibility in his pocket: that of formulate “multiple wishes” (within their 1 to 10 wishes), which are limited to a maximum of 20 sub-wishes. Ex: a computer license requested for all the universities of the academy, and which counts for only one wish, with more chances for the student to obtain the training in the sector of his choice .

Information-rich training sheets

For those who have not yet made their choice, the training sheets provide valuable information for each training:

  • the percentage of candidates admitted according to the type of baccalaureate in 2022
  • the access rate in 2022
  • The number of places available this year and the number of wishes made in 2022
  • the rate of sending admission proposals in 2022;
  • professional integration rates for the majority of BTS and additional mentions
  • The rate of passage in the 2nd year and the success rate

The training sheets are also enriched with a new section, Know the criteria for analyzing applications“. This clearly presents the criteria that the courses will use to analyze and accept applications. It is also specified in the sheets who will analyze the files: teachers, admissions officers… Thanks to all these elements, the candidate has the opportunity to compare the most important criteria between two training courses and gauge his chances of success, but also to have more in mind the priority arguments to include in his Parcoursup cover letter. on the part of the training courses themselves relating to the courses recommended in high school and the way to fill in your application file.What better to anticipate the admission phase, which starts on Thursday, June 1st.

Parcoursup 2023 dates before admission

  • December 20, 2022 : information phase, Parcoursup opens its web pages for consultation. You can consult the courses available in 2023, and find out about the expectations and admission conditions. This is also the time to refine your orientation project with your main teachers and/or orientation counsellors.
  • From January 18 to March 9, 2023 : it’s here registration phase on Parcoursup, with opening of the file and formulation of wishes. You must complete the various sections of the file (CV, cover letters, activities and areas of interest). Your main mission also: to express your wishes (after March 29, this is no longer possible). You can make a maximum of 10 wishes and 20 sub-wishes. This two-month period still gives you time to explore the training courses and refine your choices. As part of the Parcoursup procedure, it is not necessary to rank your wishes, but you have to justify them one by one by writing a cover letter for each one.
  • Until April 6, 2023 : confirmation of vows and finalization of the file. These few days of “bonus” are aimed at the final validation of wishes, but also the verification of your applications and their finalization, via the provision of all the supporting documents requested, as well as by a final touch to your letters of motivation !
  • From June 1 to July 13, 2023 : main intake phase, with response from establishments to Parcoursup applicants. You will then begin to know if the courses you are targeting have accepted your application, rejected it or put you on the waiting list. In order to reduce the stress on candidates, the main procedure (admission phase) also ends in mid-July instead of the beginning of September previously.
  • From June 15 to September 12, 2023 : additional admission phase, with entry of new wishes and proposals for admission. This phase is dedicated to those who have only received negative or unsatisfactory responses, or who have missed the mark of their registration. During this “second chance session”, candidates can apply for courses that still have places, with the same rules of the game as in the previous procedure, but in an accelerated version.
  • From July 1, 2023 : possibility for Parcoursup candidates to request personalized support from the commission for access to higher education (CAES) of their academy from their file.

What is “PourtonSup”? The organization “The high school students!” launches this platform this Tuesday, with the ambition of making it “the Parcoursup of the reform of the orientation in France, where the pupils, parents, teachers, can express wishes and remarks on Parcoursup and the broader subject of the ‘orientation “.

If they are accepted while waiting for a place, students can monitor their progress on the waiting list on a day-to-day basis and assess the probability of being admitted to a course. You can only accept one admissions proposal at a time. It is possible to accept an admission proposal (so as not to be left with nothing) and to maintain the “pending” wish(s) that interest you at the same time.

It is indeed a yes, the student who has made this choice is accepted in the chosen training. But the student then agrees to follow a refresher course or courses adapted to his profile, from the start of the school year.

Once their degree in hand, many students find themselves on the floor in France. On September 15, 2022, the Minister of Higher Education Sylvie Retailleau therefore announced the launch, in February 2023, of a new national application platform for the first year of a master’s degree. In concrete terms, candidates will be able to apply for several masters via a single file. Registrations on the platform will take place in March, three months before the end of university licenses. Applications will be reviewed by institutions from early April to mid-June. From mid-June, proposals for admission will arrive at the successful applicants. They will then be able to accept the proposals or not, but cannot do so for two masters at the same time. From mid-July, a phase of redistribution of vacant places will start according to withdrawals. “This new platform is a one-stop shop that will just streamline the proposals, redistribute the places left vacant and register students earlier,” said the Minister of Higher Education.

La Fage, the leading student union in France, welcomed this new system positively while still criticizing some of its elements. According to Paul Mayaux, president of Fage, whose remarks were reported by Le Parisien on September 15: “We will be able to have in the same place all that exists as possibilities for students who will graduate. reduce the administrative burden on students during an often anxiety-provoking period and this will adjust the calendar.Today, too many students learn at the last moment, at the end of August, that they will have to move and find accommodation to do their returned to Bordeaux in September, for example, when they come from Nancy”. According to the Ministry of Higher Education, some 7,000 students seized their rectorate last summer because they had not found the desired outlet for a master’s degree.

The latest Parcoursup key figures date from the 2022 edition. Whether they are in their final year or students in reorientation, candidates had the choice of some 19,500 state-recognized training courses (including many in apprenticeship). Each candidate had to list a maximum of 10 wishes (a multiple wish counting as a single wish, but consisting of sub-wishes, each corresponding to a separate establishment). What is the first Parcoursup 2022 assessment, now that the main admission phase has ended? The Snesup-FSU, the majority union among teachers, denounces the fact that more than 94,000 candidates have not received any admission offers (out of the 840,727 registered on the official dashboard). Asked by the JDD on July 16, Minister of Higher Education Sylvie Retailleau noted “real progress”: “Parcoursup has been improving continuously, year after year, for five years. Today, just over nine out of ten high school students received at least one proposal.”