Refrigeration and freezer companies in Vislanda notify 75 of layoffs

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

– We made the decision yesterday and it is very sad to lay off staff, says Niklas Rindhagen, CEO of Wica Cold AB.

The company, based in Vislanda, has 390 employees and has now taken the decision to notify 75 of layoffs.

– No one was happy, but we got mixed reactions. We were actually praised for being clear in our information and being transparent, says Niklas Rindhagen.

New behavior among consumers

In recent months, the company’s customers, mainly grocery stores, have experienced a change in purchasing behavior from consumers, the company writes in a press release.

– There is greater uncertainty among our customers about the future and many are waiting to make investments. The whole market is shrinking right now and we have to adapt to the new situation.

Could more employees be laid off in the near future?

– We hope it doesn’t happen, but we feel that we have adapted to the right level now, says Niklas Rindhagen, CEO of Wica Cold AB.