reductions already announced! What offers to watch out for?

reductions already announced What offers to watch out for

Xbox consoles should be on sale during Black Friday. Promotions, including some offering €100 off, have already been announced. Other discounts on accessories and games are expected.

THE Black Friday, the annual event for end-of-year promotions, is expected on Friday November 24, 2023. Among the most sought-after and sold products during the commercial operation, Xbox consoles feature in a good position. This year again, attractive offers could be put in place on consoles including the Xbox Series the products are no longer available.

A few offers have already leaked and we know that the game console will be sold at €399.99, compared to the usual €499, in at least two French stores between November 20 and 27, reports the network specializing in good deals. Dealabs. If the offer is the result of a Microsoft promotional campaign it could also be available from other resellers. In addition to the €100 discount, some brands could apply an additional discount of around ten euros (or several?) for customers holding a loyalty card. Offers are still timid in general on the Xbox Series X, but there could be more of them as Black Friday approaches.

Black Friday deals to watch out for on the Xbox Series

The Xbox Series Like its rival, it may have been difficult to find due to previous stock shortages, which explains its still high price almost three years after its release. Black Friday is an opportunity to save money on the purchase of the console, but you shouldn’t expect miraculous -50%, getting €100 off will already be a deal.

It is also good to know that the Xbox Series €. It is certainly on this price that promotional offers will be made, so be careful to distinguish real deals from fake deals.

Who says buying an Xbox, says buying a game and during Black Friday certain offers offer to acquire console + game packs at attractive prices. It’s worth taking a look: some offers amount to buying the console at its usual price while gaining a bonus game without paying an extra euro. A deal that allows you to save the 50 to 80€ that certain games cost.

Xbox Series S on sale for Black Friday?

For gamers who are fans of Microsoft products but on a tighter budget, the Xbox Series S could be a solution. This model lacks a disc drive and only works with games purchased online, which changes little other than the collection of game boxes on the shelf. Another change is that the console offers an experience in 1440p resolution and not in 4K.

A criticism was made by users of this console: the storage space limited to 500 gigabytes compared to 1 terabyte for the Xbox Series the same storage capacities as the higher range model. To recognize them, it’s simple: the Series S is white and the Series S 1 TB is black. In terms of price, the first is sold between €250 and €290 on average in recent months, while the second, more expensive, is priced at €349.99 by Microsoft. The offers are likely to be more numerous on the first version of the console than on the second release during summer 2023, but for which less generous reductions remain possible.

Discounts on Xbox accessories and games

The entire Xbox universe benefits from promotions when Black Friday arrives, consoles but also packs, controllers and games. The offers are generally more numerous and varied on these accessory products, it is not uncommon to be able to make savings, sometimes significant, while completing your player kit.

The Xbox Game Pass video game catalog

Owners of Xbox consoles (or PCs) may also be interested in the subscription offer offered by Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass. This monthly subscription offer provides access to a catalog of around a hundred games, more or less recent, regularly updated and which includes the EA Play catalog, including FIFA, Need For Speed, Battlefield 1 and many others . The cost of the subscription depends on the surface from which the user plays: €6.99 per month to play on console, €9.99 to play on PC and €14.99 to play on both media.

Xbox Game Pass subscription cards are available for purchase from many retailers and are often offered at discounted prices during Black Friday, the 2024 edition should be no exception. Note that this subscription also allows you to take advantage of all the new Xbox Studios products as soon as they are released at no additional cost and sometimes offers discounts.