Red-listed rag goat back in Västerbotten

The forest company Holmen Skog has carried out so-called conservation fires in the Berga natural forest in Västerbotten, with the aim of benefiting the environment for the rag goat.

“The roebuck lives in dead, lying pines, so-called pine forests. Today there is a shortage of dead old pines in the forest, which has meant that the roebuck has been pushed back and is now red-listed as vulnerable,” says David Rönnblom, nature conservation specialist at Holmen Skog in a press release .

Now the work of burning the forest has yielded results.

Holmen discovered the typical centimeter-wide holes in the pines for the ibex back in 2015. However, it was not until autumn 2022 that a live ibex was caught in one of Holmen’s insect traps.

“Thanks to the nature conservation fires, the hornbill now has northern Sweden’s strongest stronghold in Berga. The fires have also promoted other insects that depend on burned land and wood,” says David Rönnblom.