Record protests against draft law in Israel – fear of authoritarian regime

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Anger is high over the bill from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his hard-right government – and there are no signs the protests will abate.

In some cities, a record number of Israelis participate, according to local media, around 200,000 gathered in Tel Aviv alone.

According to the organizers, around half a million people are demonstrating around the country. If the numbers are correct, they are the largest demonstrations in Israel’s history, states the newspaper Haaretz.

The heavily criticized bill would mean – if it becomes a reality – that the Israeli parliament will be given the power to overturn judgments from the country’s highest court.

Critics fear that the planned reform will lead to the judiciary losing its political independence and that Israeli democracy risks being replaced by an authoritarian regime.

Watch the uproar in the Israeli Judiciary Committee as the bill passed.