Record number of TBE cases: “There have been favorable conditions”

– There have been favorable conditions for ticks this year when it has been alternately warm and with a lot of rainfall, then they thrive, says infectious disease doctor Petter Malmström to the radio channel.

The trend is that the number of TBE cases is increasing, but the number in the dark is large. Only those who sought care and were diagnosed with TBE are included in the statistics.

July 17, 2023

How to recognize TBE: “Often occurs in two phases”

August is typically a month when many people are out in nature, for example to pick mushrooms. To avoid tick bites and TBE infection, there are a few things you can think about, advises Malmström.

– Wear full-covering clothes, check your skin when you get home and shake your clothes to make sure you haven’t picked up ticks, take a shower.

Anyone who spends time in nature should also be vaccinated against TBE, he says.