Recipe | Tajin agneau of Pruneau

Recipe Tajin agneau of Pruneau

Lamb is eaten all over the world. Compared to mutton, lamb meat is less fatty and softer and tender. It is the leg that is the leanest part. The shoulder, used in this recipe, is fatter. It is therefore still advisable to consume it in moderation. Especially since 50% of Fatty acids contained in lamb meat are saturated. However, one of them, stearic acid, could help increase the “good cholesterol ”With very little impact on the“ bad ”.

In addition, lamb meat constitutes an interesting source of phosphorus – which participates in the regeneration of tissues and maintains the health of our teeth and our bones -, of iron – essential for the transport of oxygen and which is better absorbed when it is of animal origin – and of zinc – which participates in immune reactions.

Lamb meat is also rich in vitamins group B involved in the production of blood and nerve cells as well as in bone tissue.