Recall of numerous batches of Peugeot brand balance bikes

Recall of numerous batches of Peugeot brand balance bikes

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  • Posted on 06/28/2021

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    The Peugeot brand is recalling in June many batches of balance bikes for a quality defect spotted in the fork.

    Many parents opt for balance bikes, those little “bikes” that aren’t really bikes. Without pedals, they allow children to learn balance on a bike and ride freely, while integrating how the relationship between speed and the correct positioning of the body is played out.

    Recall of Peugeot balance bikes

    While these balance bikes are very fun, practical and popular with many fun cycling professionals, parents must ensure that they are up to standard, that they have no defects and that they are not subject to damage. ‘a reminder. However, this is the case for the Peugeot LJ12 balance bikes and certain J12 models of the same brand which are recalled from the market for a potential quality defect in the fork.

    Which lots are affected by this recall?

    The Peugeot balance bikes affected by this recall are those with the following references:

    • YPU480 – LJ12 all colors combined
    • YPU4801601 WALK BIKE 0FR J12 Blue
    • YPU4801602 WALK BIKE 0FR J12 Yellow
    • YPU4801603 WALK BIKE 0FR J12 White
    • YPU4801604 WALK BIKE 0FR J12 Red
    • YPU4801605 WALK BIKE 1FR J12 og
    • YPU4801606 WALK BIKE 1FR J12 gn
    • YPU4801607 WALK BIKE 1FR J12 wh
    • YPU4801608 WALK BIKE 1FR J12 sv
    • YPU4801609 WALK BIKE 1FR J12 yw
    • YPU4801611 WALK BIKE 1FR J12 Team
    • YPU4801612 WALK BIKE 1FR J12rd
    • YPU4801621 WALK BIKE 1FR J12bu

    You are requested to stop using them and return them to the point of sale where you purchased these models. If you would like more information, you can contact the Peugeot consumer service on 03 25 39 39 39.