Rebecka was in debt – went home to sugar daddy in Värmland: “No money in the world would have been worth this”

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Hear Rebecka’s story about the meeting with the sugar daddy in the clip.

One autumn day, she took the car from Gothenburg to Värmland and drove 27 miles home to the sugar daddy. Rebecka had been promised a monthly allowance of SEK 20,000 in exchange for socializing one weekend a month. She didn’t tell anyone what she was going to do.

– There is still no one who knows about this. What happened that weekend I will take with me to the grave, she says.

It was the first and last visit.

Saw no other way out

Rebecka realized that the picture painted was a hoax. The man was not a successful lawyer and considerably older than he had told.

– I would never have gone there or had sex with that man if I hadn’t had the debts. But I saw no other way out, she says.

No money ever came after Rebecka’s visit. Even though she sent message after message.

– I did violence to myself and was also deceived and humiliated. Every time I have sex with my guy I think about this.

The man, Markus Halvorson, was convicted in Rebecka’s case for buying sex in the district court and later also in the court of appeal. Rebecka is actually called something else.