Really dirty Jennifer Lawrence movie finally has German trailer that ridicules controversy

Really dirty Jennifer Lawrence movie finally has German trailer that

With No Hard Feelings, Good Boys director Gene Stupnitsky and leading actress Jennifer Lawrence want to revive the vulgar comedy cinema of the late 90s and early 00s.

You can now watch the rough new trailer for the film about an Uber driver with money problems who is supposed to deflower a 19-year-old in German. The previously sparked controversy around the age difference, the preview mainly distorts into the ridiculous.

Watch the new No Hard Feelings trailer in German here:

No Hard Feelings – Red Band Trailer (German) HD

Controversial Jennifer Lawrence comedy looks mostly like silly fun

In the film’s storyline, Uber driver Maddie (Lawrence) faces serious financial problems after her car is impounded. So she accepts an ad from a wealthy couple who are looking for a date for their shy son Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman). That means Maddie should deflower him before college.

Since the plot of No Hard Feelings takes place between a woman in her 30s and a 19-year-old, there were controversial discussions beforehand. For some, the premise shines Grooming vibes what the targeted contacting of minors by adults with the aim of intentional abuse means.

The latest trailer for the comedy lets this charisma mostly fizzle out. No Hard Feelings takes a hilarious look at the awkward, chaotic dynamic between Maddie and Percy. Nevertheless, the concerns about the grooming character should be taken seriouslyeven if the film will possibly not offer any admission.

When does the new Jennifer Lawrence comedy hit theaters?

From the June 22, 2023 you can see the film for yourself. Then No Hard Feelings will start in German cinemas.

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