Razer Kitsune is on sale for PS5 and PC

Razer Kitsune is on sale for PS5 and PC

The Razer Kitsune ushers in a new era of gaming control with an all-button, optical arcade controller.

Razer has officially announced the availability of the Razer Kitsune, the first all-button optical arcade controller designed specifically to change the world of fighting gaming from the ground up.

Razer Kitsune is on sale for PS5 and PC

The Razer Kitsune ushers in the era of breaking away from traditional controllers by combining the tactile satisfaction of an arcade control panel with the latest technology in Razer’s optical switches. Kitsune has been carefully crafted with the demands of competitive fighting game gamers in mind, offering incredible precision and superior control, while featuring a slim and portable form factor for easy setup and storage.

“With the Razer Kitsune, we have responded to the unique demands of competitive fighters,” said Ali Homayounfar, Product Leader, Razer Kitsune. “Kitsune is an innovative leap forward in the game controller that allows gamers to perform complex movements and react faster than ever, thanks to the combination of all button layout and optical switches. The device is already compatible with all Capcom Pro Tour regulations and has been developed in collaboration with Capcom.

Replacing traditional joysticks with four action buttons, the Razer Kitsune brings a new dimension to fighting game control, reducing input errors and allowing gamers to seamlessly perform complex moves.

Light Speed ​​Reaction

Seen for the first time on the award-winning Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro keyboard, the Kitsune featuring Razer’s Low Profile Linear Optical Switches delivers ultra-responsive input, providing the precision and speed needed to beat the competition and take advantage of any opportunity.

Razer Kitsune is on sale for PS5 and PC

Portable Design

Staying true to Razer’s tradition of ergonomic excellence, the Kitsune was designed with portability in mind; It has a slim, portable form factor that can be easily stored in a backpack and a detachable USB Type-C cable for quick setup and packaging.

Kitsune’s Cable Security Buckle and Tournament Lock Switch eliminate the risk of accidental disconnections and unwanted entries during heated competition, giving players peace of mind when every second counts.

Featuring a removable aluminum top plate and Razer Chroma™ RGB, Kitsune lets gamers look their best not only during combat, but also with customization options to suit their unique style.

Razer’s innovative breakthrough into fully-button optical arcade controllers with the Kitsune represents a massive shift in the world of game controllers. Combining a precision four-action button layout, ultra-responsive linear optical switches, and a super-thin portable form factor, Kitsune stands as a new titan in the fighting game controllers space for PS5® and PC.