Razer announces gaming-focused ‘Nommo’ speaker lineup

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One of the world’s largest hardware manufacturers Razernew gaming-focused speaker models announced.

razer, The number of remarkable products offered to players continues to grow in 2023. What the company has added to its product range today is a speaker family. The new family, called Nommo, specifically includes the Nommo V2 Pro, Nommo V2, Nommo V2X and also the Wireless Control Pod. control wheel “Wireless Control Pod“, as the name suggests, works wirelessly and makes it easy to adjust the volume of products. The product, which also offers access to other settings, looks large and stylish. The main stars of the show are Nommo speaker models are coming. Products that focus on PC players will be available in June with a price tag of $ 150, $ 299 and $ 449. In the family, which adopts a dual-satellite structure, the V2 and V2 Pro are a subwoofer. (Wired in V2, wireless in V2 Pro) comes with Unlike the V2X, Razer, which places rear-facing RGB lighting on these speakers, makes very assertive comments about the sound quality of the products. In V2 Pro “THX Spatial Audio” that is, the giant company, which also offers spatial sound support, also places the Wireless Control Pod in the box of the high-end option. Wireless controller needs to be purchased separately in other products.


talking about products Barrie Ooi, Head of Razer PC Gaming DivisionToday we redefine what gamers should expect from desktop audio equipment” he said and added: “The Nommo V2 series isn’t just about listening; it’s all about experiencing and immersing yourself in the game. Whether you’re following the footsteps of the enemy in first-person FPS games or getting lost in the soundtrack of the latest RPG, either way, the Nommo V2 series are the ideal PC gaming speakers to deliver an incredibly engaging audio-visual experience.”