Ravi royals Suven Sametti and Evartti renewed their wreaths after dramatic stages

Ravi royals Suven Sametti and Evartti renewed their wreaths after

The victory of the queen’s shield was decided for Suven Samet by only a tenth of a second, and the victory of the king’s shield went to Evart after a great battle in the final stage.

There were no significant differences in the first two legs of the Queen’s race, and the first six horses were within a second of them. In the lead, the surprise winner of the mile went into the final distance of three kilometers Crazy Duna.

In the end, it turned out to be the strongest with a strong kilometre Summer Velvet. Let’s go Lakan Leija made up for his mistake superbly and came third, so far from the winner that the total times had to be cheered for a long time before the queen was declared. Suven Sametti turned the tenth of a second in favor.

After a somewhat flat early season, the reigning queen entered this year’s race in the role of a challenger, and the sixth places in the opening races did not raise the stocks.

– It wasn’t small, and it had a lot of bad starting points. In these starts, there is not such a superior horse that you can ride however you like, Tapio Perttunen summed up the opening trips of the early season and Forssa.

Co-owner and breeder Nea Vikström encouraged everyone to breed Finnish horses.

– It requires a long face and failures, but such a gold nugget can happen, he reasoned.

Evart for the third time

Tapio Perttunen’s super weekend was completed by the third and fifth places in the royal shield Vixel and Uljas Suomalainen. With Vixel, Perttunen bravely set out to challenge himself in the final race Parvelan Retua, but the bangs weren’t quite enough for that. However, the ranking was a respectable fourth.

Parvelan Retu, who led, and the one who followed him broke away to the battle for victory Evart. Parvelan’s Retu won the 3,100 meters with a Finnish record time of 23.0, but Evartti refused to give up. That’s how the 0.7-second lead it gained in the opening stages lasted and narrowed by only a tenth.

– Evartti is an incredibly fine and fighting horse, and especially this last start was something very special. Parvelan’s Retu was incredibly good, and in the final bends it felt like the laws of physics were coming. It already made a difference of a meter, but luckily it didn’t stretch any further, Santtu Raitala sighed.

Apart from physics, the three-time trotting king also makes sense.

– It’s a really smart horse: it knows how to behave and doesn’t do anything unnecessary or sudden movements at home, trainer Antti Ojanperä described.

The public returned to Kunikuusravei

The 5-year-olds Pikkukunkku and Pikkuprinsessa were on the program of the King’s Trot Sunday. Ari Moilanen guided by and Seppo Suuronen coached by VG Victory considered a great favorite Prof and Fransson’s surely behind him in Pikkukunku. On the other hand, you could see the surprise in the little princess, when she went for the win Jarmo Saarelan after driving in the sun Tero Mäenpään coached by Ilona Laurila.

– It was a bit of a surprise for me too, although the horse has developed nicely. Of course, the gallops of the favorites made the task easier, Jarmo Saarela admitted.

After two years tested by the corona virus, Kunikuustratti was a public success. A total of 45,625 people visited Forssa over three days.