Rattle: the best models for babies

Rattle the best models for babies

The rattle is a must-have for infant toys! In fabric, wood, Montessori, light… Discover our selection of baby rattles.

For a long time, the rattle is a traditional birth gift to celebrate the arrival of a little one. Babies love rattles, but did you know they’re more than just a toy? It has many uses! It helps develop motor skills by learning to catch it, stimulate sight, touch and hearing with its pretty colors, different textures and sounds, and relieve the gums by biting it during teething. Today, there are many different rattles: made of wood, fabric, adapted to Montessori pedagogy, and even electronic ! For toddlers, the ideal is a fabric rattle, which can be a Montessori rattle at the same time. It can be used as a cuddly toy, is very easy to catch, can be kneaded and chewed in all directions without problem, all while cleaning up easily! wooden rattle, he is part of the trend, especially for parents who prefer toys made of natural materials. And as your child will chew on his rattle, you must check that it does not contain toxic substances. If you want an “all terrain” rattle, turn to electronic rattles. By producing music and light, they stimulate the senses just as well and can be used for longer. It’s up to you to choose from our selection of baby rattles!