RATP strike: traffic on March 11, disruptions on March 15?

RATP strike traffic on March 11 disruptions on March 15

RATP STRIKE 11 AND 15 MARCH. After a complicated week on the RATP network, the forecasts for this weekend are rather optimistic. Before a return to the strike next week?

[Mis à jour le 10 mars 2023 à 21h48] After a renewable strike rather followed this week, a weekend of calm is looming on the RATP network. Whether the inter-union of the Régie des transports parisiens, made up of the CGT, FO, Unsa, CFE-CGC, CFDT and Solidaires, called for continued mobilization against the government’s pension reform project, joining the demonstration of this Saturday March 11, 2023, as well as the big day of mobilization of Wednesday March 15, 2023, few disturbances are however mentioned on Saturday on the side of Parisian transport.

The RATP promises overall “significantly improved traffic”. No disruptions expected from buses, including Noctiliens, but also from trams, as well as from Orlyval. Traffic will be more or less normal on the metro network as well. Only two lines, metros 6 and 11, will face slight disruptions. On the other hand, the traffic looks very disrupted on the RER A. The RER B will also have upset traffic, not because of the strike, but of works. Detailed forecasts are announced below.

This Saturday, March 11, 2023, the situation is clearly improving on the metro network, and normal on the bus and tram network. Only metro lines 6 and 11 and RER A and B are disrupted. Discover the disruptions of the RATP strike of March 11 in detail:

  • Metro disruptions : discover below the disruptions of March 11, 2023 in the Paris metro, line by line:
  • Line 1 : normal traffic.
  • Line 2 : normal traffic.
  • Line 3 : normal traffic.
  • Line 3bis : normal traffic.
  • Line 4 : normal traffic.
  • Line 5 : normal traffic.
  • Line 6 : normal traffic in the morning and 3 trains out of 4 in the afternoon.
  • Line 7 : normal traffic.
  • Line 7bis : normal traffic.
  • Line 8 : almost normal traffic.
  • Line 9 : normal traffic. Reminder: line 9 will be closed on Sunday March 12 due to works.
  • Line 10 : normal traffic.
  • Line 11 : normal traffic in the morning and 2 out of 3 trains in the afternoon.
  • Line 12 : almost normal traffic.
  • Line 13 : almost normal traffic.
  • Line 14 : normal traffic.
  • RER disruptions : with regard to the traffic of the RERs managed in part by the RATP, i.e. the RER A and the RER B, the RATP expects more disrupted traffic this Saturday, March 11:
  • RER A : on average 1 train out of 2. The interconnection is maintained at Nanterre Préfecture.
  • RER B : no traffic between Gare du Nord and Mitry-Claye due to works and 2 trains on 3 south of Châtelet. The interconnection is interrupted at Gare du Nord.
  • Bus disruptions : bus traffic is normal on the entire network on March 11. Normal traffic on the Noctilien as well.
  • Tram disruptions : traffic is normal on all tram lines on 11 March. Normal traffic on the Orlyval as well.

The movement is also renewed at the SNCF, with disturbances which still remain on all the RER and Transiliens in Île-de-France. Check out the detailed forecast below:

A 7th act of strike against the pension reform takes place on Wednesday March 15, 2023, joined by the RATP intersyndicale. In addition to denouncing an “unfair, brutal and ineffective bill”, as the communicated published by the inter-union of the RATP, the striking agents intend to protect their special pension scheme, which is threatened by the reform of the government. “The interest of having a special regime is first of all to take into account the arduousness of the work. The agents are confronted with night shifts, working underground and handling toxic products”, explained Bertrand Hammache, secretary general of the CGT RATP, to France 3.

Several tools are available on the Web to find out about upcoming traffic disruptions. To know the state of RATP traffic (metro, RER, bus, tram in real time), consult this page. For the RER, you can also follow the Twitter accounts @RERA, @RERB, @RERC, @RERD Or @RERE. To monitor train traffic in real time, visit the Transilien.