Rash: what is it?

Rash what is it

The rash is a lesion of the skin with or without relief, localized or present over a large area of ​​the body. It can be benign, but a sudden onset and short duration of buttons, redness, or patches (rash cutaneous) can be the first symptom disease or intolerance requiring diagnostic precise and supportive.

The different forms of rash

Classified according to a terminology including morphology primary (plaques, bubbles, pustules), lesion configuration (isolated, in clusters), texture (induration), location and color, the temporary rash or rash comes in different forms. Other symptoms like itching (urticaria) or desquamation may accompany these manifestations.

Causes of the rash

The factors at the origin of this type of lesions are very diverse. The rash can occur during an infectious disease of bacterial origin (impetigo, cellulite) or viral (measles, herpes, varicella, shingles). It has been reported that the infection Covid-19 could be responsible for a skin rash urticaria Where frostbite.

It is sometimes the manifestation of a allergy to a poorly tolerated substance (contact dermatosis), to a bite ofinsect, certain foods, a cosmetic product or a drug.

In the case of urticaria and under the action of a trigger, an excessive release ofhistamine produced by mast cells from immune system, causes a skin reaction in the form of red patches accompanied by pruritus.

L’acne, characterized by the appearance of red pimples and blackheads, is due to hypersecretion of sebum mainly at the time ofadolescence.

A rash can also be triggered by the stress, exposure to heat, to Sun or cold.

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