Ranking of the 20 coldest cities in France

Ranking of the 20 coldest cities in France

Langres, in Haute-Marne, holds the prize for the coldest town in France. Most of the cities in this Top 20 of the coldest cities on an annual average are, like her, in the Grand Est region.

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To live in Langres, in Haute Marne, it is better to have a good supply of sweaters and warm socks. The town tops the coldest cities of more than 5,000 inhabitants in mainland France. Langres is even the only one city throughout France not to exceed 10 ° C average temperature annual, with a painful 9.8 ° C recorded year round.

The coldest month is that of January (-1.3 ° C minimum temperature and 3.4 ° C maximum temperature) and the hottest is that of July whose mildness is still appreciable (13.9 ° C). C minimum temperature and 23.5 ° C maximum temperature). One of the explanations for this weather rigorous comes from its relatively high altitude, at 466 meters.

The cold record in France

Not much better off than Langres, the cities of Nancy, Épinal and Charleville-Mézières record an average annual temperature of 10 ° C. These towns enjoy a Continental climate, conducive to strong temperature differences between summer and winter. But the heat summer fails to compensate for the winter cold. In Langres, the cold record dates from February 2, 1956, with -21.2 ° C measured that day. Which is far from being a absolute record.

The latter was recorded in Mouthe, a small town in Doubs, located at an altitude of 930 meters (and therefore outside the criteria of this classification), where the thermometer dropped to -36.7 ° C on January 13, 1968. In this hamlet nestled at the bottom of a valley, the temperatures are even negative during half of the year (176 days per year)! On the afternoon of the record itself, however, the temperature rose to +1.1 ° C, or almost 38 degreestemperature range on the day, report Weather report France.

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