Rainbow labeling for stores in Örnsköldsvik: “Need to work deeper”

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16 years ago, Örnsköldsvik municipality started work to make the city more open to LGBTQI people. Part of the work was to create a kind of rainbow label, which associations, companies and organizations could order. Today it’s about a rainbow sticker and a program poster for Rainbow Week.

– I absolutely think that there has been quite a drastic change in the municipality. I don’t think this is a quick fix, this is a recurring week that must continue, says growth manager Peter Selemark.

While Selemark thinks the city has taken big steps forward, rainbow labeling has not changed since it was introduced. The only thing that is required to be able to be rainbow marked is to write your address and click on what you want sent to you. In the description of the form, broad concepts are used, which are not specifically aimed at rainbow people.

When you read about the rainbow label, LGBTQI people are not even mentioned, but it says “Equality of all” and “Openness”. What do you think about it?

– It may be that we need to work deeper on the issue and become clearer in the statement of requirements. However, I do not think that you should remove the opportunity to make it a little easier to participate, says Selemark.

Start the clip and hear Selemark explain why for some stores it may be enough to put up a rainbow flag.