“Rain” is finally, finally coming for iRacing

Rain is finally finally coming for iRacing


When it comes to racing simulation, it is one of the first productions that come to mind. iRacing Finally, at last, “rain” comes.

iRacing, has been with us for a long, long time, and until now rain was not featured in the production. This was getting a lot of backlash and For years, the developer company has been asked to end the drought. Because the dynamic race conditions that came into play with the rain would make the races much more interesting and exciting. Working on this subject for a long time iRacing, Finally, he announced that the exit was at the door. With the new season update for the production Dynamic rain will come to the legendary simulation, thus a truly new era will begin. Meanwhile, with the new season, new tracks and vehicles will be brought to the popular production. At the same time, the “Road” license will be divided into two. There will now be two different licenses named “Formula” and “Sports Car” instead of “Road”. According to the company, this distinction will better reflect driver skill level during online matches and improve the experience for everyone.


Meanwhile, there is other good news from the racing game / racing simulation world. For example Forza Motorsport 5 As of today, it is a legend forNordschleife” track comes out. The race track, which is more than 20 km long and will be opened to everyone with Update 5, was very upsetting to the racing fans when it was not offered in the first place. The track, which can be visited without paying any extra fee, will be one of the popular racing simulations in the coming months. Assetto Corsa Competizione It will also be inside. With its unforgiving structure “Green Hell” The track, also referred to as “ACC”, will be scanned in detail in both productions, but the best or most realistic experience will be achieved in “ACC”.