Racing 92 – Toulouse: victorious, the Stade consolidates its position as leader – video summary of the match

Racing 92 Toulouse victorious the Stade consolidates its position

23:11 – We wish you an end of the evening as beautiful as this Racing 92 – Toulouse!

We thank you for your loyalty, and we will meet again soon for the rest of the Top 14.

23:09 – Ugo Mola, coach of Stade Toulousain: “It was a basketball rhythm!”

At the microphone of Canal +, the manager of the Rouge et Noir was happy with the outcome of this Racing 92 – Toulouse: “We are not going to sulk our pleasure. We showed enthusiasm, and the desire to seek things. We missed simple things, all the same, tonight. It was a basketball rhythm! We lacked a bit of lucidity. In our heritage, we wanted to provoke things.”

23:05 – Jaminet was all smiles at the end of this Racing 92 – Toulouse

With Canal +, the back of Stade Toulousain, author of 12 points, reacted following this success: “Everyone had fun. There was play. We had a blast, everyone Everyone can be happy with this performance. We worked hard this week.”

23:04 – Imhoff is disappointed after this Racing 92 – Toulouse

At the Canal + microphone, the Racing 92 winger was disappointed after the setback conceded against Toulouse: “We wanted to win. We made it difficult for ourselves. We were approximate. We tried to get our heads out of the game. We have to congratulate Toulouse. Now we are in a hurry. We are not ready to get into the six. We have no more jokers. We are going to play with fear. maybe it will do us some good.”

23:01 – Racing 92 – Toulouse, a ten-test masterpiece!

In the first period, the players offered a magnificent spectacle in this Racing 92 – Toulouse. On a fast synthetic surface, the Toulousains made their speed speak for themselves, and the quality of the passing game. Mauvaka, Delibes, twice, and Meafou each scored a try. The second line allowed his team to return with the advantage at the break (20-26). Before that, the Racingmen had taken the advantage thanks in particular to the achievements of Spring and Lauret. Russell, solid in his role as a scorer, was the author of a 100% against the poles.

Upon returning from the locker room, the pace did not fall. The leader struck first with a 90-yard try from Paul Graou on a recovery ball. Led by sixteen points, Racing 92 raised its head with two tries in five minutes from Moukoro and Gibert. At the end of the game, Habosi allowed his people, failing to have the victory, to recover a defensive bonus point.

22:53 – Toulouse wins on the lawn of Racing 92 (35-39)

At the end of a crazy match with 10 tries, Toulouse, at the end of this 20th day of Top 14, carried out a magnificent operation by bringing down Racing 92 at the Paris Défense Arena! The Sky and White will console themselves with the defensive bonus.

22:52 – Jaminet misses the penalty! (81st)

Racing 92 has one last attack ball to play!

22:49 – Willis gleans the winning penalty in this Toulouse – Racing 92! (80th)

On a good scratch, the Englishman is rewarded by Mr. Ramos! There are 30 seconds left in this Toulouse – Racing 92.

22:47 – Russell misses a very important penalty! (78th)

On the 40-meter line of Toulouse, the Scot takes the ball out of bounds… dead ball!

22:45 – The Toulouse scrum wins a penalty! (75th)

Mr Ramos believes that the mainstays of Racing 92 have pushed through. Jaminet brings his people back to the Racing 92 camp.

22:44 – Jaminet makes a big blunder in this Toulouse – Racing 92 (74th)

In his in-goal to clear the ball, the back of Toulouse committed a forward. Racing 92 inherits a five-meter scrum.

22:42 – The Sky and White lose a good ammunition in this Racing 92 – Toulouse (73rd)

Roumat stole the ball on a touch in favor of Racing 92.

22:39 – Racing 92 very close to taking the lead in this part (71st)

On a recovery ball, Gibert uses the game on foot. In the race, Spring is ahead of all Toulouse but the ball flies into touch, within five meters.

22:39 – Russell misses another transformation! (70th)

In the corner, the Racing 92 opener finds the left post. The Ciel et Blancs remain four points behind Toulouse.


Racing 92 punishes Toulouse for a bad outing. On a recovery ball, the Fijian winger scores in a corner.