Rachida Dati, a chameleon in Macronie – L’Express

Rachida Dati a chameleon in Macronie – LExpress

In this episode of La Loupe, Paul Chaulet and Eric Mandonnet, journalists in the Politics department of L’Express, tell us how Rachida Dati became the chameleon of the French political scene.

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The team: Charlotte Baris (presentation), Mathias Penguilly (writing), Léa Bertrand (editing) and Jules Krot (directing).

Credits: France 3, France Inter, RTL

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How to listen to a podcast? follow the leader.

Charlotte Baris: When we start writing an episode of La Loupe, we look for ways to involve you, your listeners, in the story of the day and that is therefore the case in this podcast.

I am going to ask you to list all the French women politicians of national stature, who have held office for at least twenty years. I am thinking of women elected to local, national or European office. Women ministers, party leaders, spokespersons. Women capable of carrying the voice of their political family since the 2000s and likely to be invited several times a year to tour the media. I am convinced that you only have a handful of names in mind: Martine Aubry, Christiane Taubira or Ségolène Royal for the left, Valérie Pécresse, Roselyne Bachelot, Marine Le Pen for the right… Without forgetting of course, Rachida Dati.

The new Minister of Culture has often been attacked for her character and her shocking phrases. His media outings amuse as much as they frighten his political opponents. In fact, it’s simple, she is often seen as the one who makes enemies more easily than friends. And yet, a few weeks after her appointment, Rachida Dati seems to be successfully integrating into Macronie. At La Loupe, we said to ourselves that it deserved an episode: today we are examining how the “chameleon Dati” took up residence on rue de Valois.

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